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“To prepare for a race there is nothing better than a good pheasant, some champagne and a woman.” ---Jacques Anquetil

"My upbringing in Canada made me the person I am. I will always be proud to be a Canadian." --- Jim Carrey

Euro Sports Free Monday Night Drop-in runs (Adam Eikenberry)
2015 Smiths Falls Tri (Mark  Manners)
New Local TIME TRIAL RACE: July 8 (CycleFitCHICKS- Women's Cycling Club)
Utica Boiler Maker (Kate Hart)
Upcoming Ottawa Area Races via (Graham Acreman)
For Sale: Stevens SCF1 Carbon Road Bike (Ruth Bonk)
Cottage Mont-Tremblant July, August, Sept. (Isabelle Tourillon)
For Sale: Shimano Dura-Ace C50 Wheelset - New (Lou Marles)
The Sandbagger - Barry's Bay Tri, 2015 (Laurel Johnson)
The 2015 North Bay Tri (Mike Burke)

Welcome to
 Isabelle Tourillon        Mont-Tremblant 


 Adam Eikenberry   (General Comments)
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It's Monday again, and time for Euro Sports free Monday Night drop-in runs. No membership or registration is necessary, just show up dressed and ready to run, everyone is welcome. The group meets at Euro Sports (250 City Centre dr. Unit #124) every Monday except for holidays at 6pm. The runs range between 5-10 km and are at a recovery effort.

This week's run will be around 7km at a recovery effort.

Adam Eikenberry
HBKin, MSc Kin, CK
Euro-Sports/Foodery/ Dal-Cin cycling Team
Euro Sports Running Team

 Mark Manners   (General Comments)
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On Saturday June 27th was the 36th running of the Smiths Falls Triathlon, the oldest multi-sport event in Canada.

It was a great race once again and it is supper cool to know that on the same race course that I and the rest of the racers were on many of the local legends have also raced.

After reading Dev Paul's story that he posted on Tri Rudy last Friday of the race 30 years ago with himself, Rick Hellard and Richard Brown all I could think about on the run is don't get caught.

Thanks to Christine and the rest of the Somersault crew and the rest of the racers for keeping this legendary race alive.

Ottawa Triathlon Club Head Coach

Mark  Manners

 Rudy Says: Smiths Falls Tri, another good reason to love Canada !

 CycleFitCHICKS- Women's Cycling Club   (General Comments)
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HI everyone,
Allow me to introduce a NEW TIME TRIAL Race series in the Gatineau region.

PRE-Registration Required deadline is Tuesday, July 7 at 11pm
TIME TRIAL Race is Wednesday, JULY 8
Course is a challenging 15km route along Hwy 105. From LaVallee Restaurant-Motel to the round-about at the Giant Tiger in Wakefield.
5km course for kids ages 11-16yrs
CycleFitCHICKS- Women's Cycling Club
CycleFit CHICKS Women's ONLY Road Cycling Club.
Where Beginners are Wanted and Experienced Cyclist are Challenged
Location: Ottawa/Hull/Gatineau/Chelsea
Sponsored by:The CUBE gallery, LOYLY Boutique and Spa, Biscotti, Chelsea Pub, Camp Fortune, Rent-A-Bike, Full Cycle, ProCycle, Euro-Sports, Velozophie, Todd Miron-Financial Coach, Ottawa GranFondo, Isagenix, D'Aoust Training Systems, One Tooth Yoga, and Gregory K. Pang-Barriter & Solicitor.

 Kate Hart   (General Comments)
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Ultica Boiler Maker is on Sunday July 12, 2015. I am looking to see if anyone here on TriRudy would care to share a ride (gas expenses) to Utica.

I am leaving on Saturday July 11 early a.m. around 7 a.m. and coming back on July 12, 2015 after the race so around 2 p.m.

You can contact me by text at 613-558-7799.


Kate Hart

 manny agulnik   (General Comments)
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July 23 start. Four days cycling 160 to 170 km per day for the first three days and 114 km on day four to the Atlantic Ocean. Day five back on the bus.

Fully supported with sweep vehicle and luggage moved daily from hotel to hotel.

Included are four nights accommodation with breakfasts and three dinners, daily hospitality suite after the ride plus transportation back.

Limited space. Great way to ride through four states.

For more information, email

or check our website.

manny agulnik
2006 City of Ottawa Bruce

Timmerman Award Winner

 Graham Acreman   (General Comments)
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Below are some of this months upcoming races in the greater Ottawa area::

July 1: Canada Day Road Series (10k, 5k, 1k)
July 4: Gatineau Triathlon (Tri, Du & Running)
July 4: Saturday 5k Run Series
July 5: MEC Ottawa Race 4 (10k, 5k, 3k)
July 5: Spartan
July 11: Bring on the Bay (3k swim)
July 18: City Chase
July 19: MEC Race 5 (50k, 30k, 15k, 6k)
July 25: GrandFondo Ottawa
Aug 1: Somersault National Capital Triathlon & Duuathlon

Did you know Ottawa has 3 beer runs? One has already been held this year but there are two more coming. An article about Ottawa's beer runs can be found at:

For a complete directory of races check out which now lists more than 20,000 upcoming races across North America.
Graham Acreman

 Ruth Bonk   (For Sale/Rent)
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60cm frame size, DuraAce group set, Easton Vista wheels w/ new Continental Ultra GatorSkin tires, Cateye Strada Cadence bike computer. Asking $1350
Ruth Bonk

 Isabelle Tourillon   (For Sale/Rent)
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Cottage in Mont-Tremblant to rent for July, August, Sept, Oct, $1000.00 per month. Located around the heights of Lake Tremblant on Cote Commandant only 3 minutes away from the resort with beautiful views. 2 bedrooms, one king, one queen. Big closet in the entrance to store your bikes and equipment. Plenty of storage. Washer and dryer.
Ideal for training base camp of the Ironman Mont-Tremblant on August 16th, 2015.
Isabelle Tourillon

 Lou Marles   (For Sale/Rent)
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Shimano WH-9000 Dura-Ace C50-CL Wheelset - New, Never Used. Complete With Michelin Pro 4 Tires and Shimano Ultegra 11 Speed Cassette, Price - $1600.00. -- or -- Buy the Wheels only (without the tires and cassette) for $1500.00. Located in Peterborough. See them here --> and then contact Lou at 705-742-1250 or lmarles (at) worksavenue (dot) com
Lou Marles

 Laurel Johnson   (Race Reports)
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My last race report was in Sept 2013, for Leadman - 5k swim, 225k bike, 23k run. And that was the last time I ran. Leading into Leadman, and for a couple of years prior, I had been managing a leg that would go dead. Not numb, more like concrete. It felt like the muscles were simply not getting enough blood to function. Fast forward to diagnosis, that was exactly the problem - I have two very damaged sections in my femoral artery, and less than 50% blood flow in my right leg. I was not able to run even a minute. Biking is fine, unless I push too hard. Same with skate skiing. Classic skiing doesn't seem to provoke it, nor does yoga or swimming.

Along the way to diagnosis, a torn labrum was discovered in my right hip, which resulted in hip surgery August 2014. My only event in 2014 was in the Tremblant 70.3 relay and I was the swimmer. After my years of racing - and loving every minute of it - it was highly dissatisfying to be the swimmer on a relay team. It just didn't do it for me.

This past winter, we trained for and completed the CSM. It was hell. Short story, we had a pinky swear on the Saturday night. We had completed all stages on Saturday and would get through the full day on Sunday and finish the damn thing so that we could check it off our list. Never again. By the following Tuesday, I had sent Doug a calendar invitation for next year's CSM. Never again, til next year... We also did a yoga retreat offered by Yogatown, the Beachburg Spring Chicken 59k MTB race and Rideau Lakes. Bring on the Bay is coming up. So while I can't run, we have found other really fun events to keep us active and out there.

My first tri was in London in 1994. I thought it was a Try a Tri, but knew so little, I signed up for the Olympic distance. My next tri was Barry's Bay in 2005. And Barry's Bay has been on the calendar every year since. I have written race reports about it before - it is just a fantastic race in a small town. The BBQ is second to none and is worth the registration fee itself. This year, there were 55 racers, and 40 volunteers. There was also live music with the BBQ - a wonderfully talented young woman singing with her guitar. The transition zone is on the beach - you come out of the water and you are already standing at your bike. It attracts fast talent and first timers, aero helmets and relay teams using mountain bikes. The distances are just perfect - 750m swim, 32k bike, 8k run. The race was not held last year, due to a lack of a race director. This year, a town counsellor stepped up and organized the always-perfect event.

I know some people do triathlons with the intention of walking the run but that was not something I wanted to do. I decided that Barry's Bay would be my retirement tri. I bumped into friends at the racks, and explained that I can't run anymore. We had five friends staying with us at the cottage, all doing Barry's Bay, and of course they all knew that I can't run.

I had an OK swim, and a solid bike. It is an out and back course, so you can get your eye on everyone during the bike, and again during the run. I moved up to second woman during the bike. When I came into T2, friends/spectators were telling me, You are the second woman! Too bad I can't run, I replied. I couldn't help myself, I trotted out of T2, thinking that I'll run til my leg goes dead. That should take less than a minute. At the 2k marker, I was passed by the woman I had passed towards the end of the bike. I was now in third, and couldn't believe that I was still running. 4k turnaround, 6k marker, finish stretch. I was Forrest Gump. So it wasn't my retirement tri. I can't run, but I can run off the bike. Barry's Bay is July 3rd next year. Come join me.

Laurel Johnson
Team B3 supported by RE:FORM Body Clinic, Cyclelogik Powered by Caffeine, Yogatown Ottawa and Stittsville, SWTechnologies, and Packed Apps.

 Mike Burke   (Race Reports)
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13th consecutive year doing this event
But this time was different.
After being told that barricade, cone and fencing delivery would cost us a new 2,000
The volunteer cavalry showed up

Usually I arrange or do most of the road barricade, fencing and traffic cones set up
For both the Saturday and Sunday events
I know I'm not alone
There are lots of us, all across the country, who do this
For the love of the sport, the energy and the excitement of then doing it ourselves
But by the time the event rolls around, welllll
My legs are fried, my back is sore and my feet hurt

But when the horn sounds, I'm running into the water with all the other guys
Dodging the newly relocated canoe club dock
Heading for the big yellow buoy that is much closer, and hence more visible, this year
Making it much easier to keep a straight line.
First turn, a longer way to the next turn, head for home
Stretch, turn the thumb up, feel my torso roll, pull hard, all the way, repeat

Fiddling with wetsuit backstrap coming out of the water, so no time to look at all the cheering people
Out onto the bike, start the Lees Road climb
Get to the railway tracks, see a girl standing by her bike,
Feel badly, Yell Sorry, see her in tears, and later hear the rest of the story ...

That our sweep biker, a former winner of this event, Marc Denomme, sees her plight
Gives her his own bike
And walks her bike, with the broken derailleur, the 2 K back to transition
One hears about this kind of thing from time to time,
But it is still really amazing when it happens - well done Marc !

But I digress
Hit the short steep climbs after the Lees Road climbs
( Our 32 K bike route is, like, 22 K of serious climbing - you should tri it sometime )
Anyway, manage to drop a chain in the middle of a short steep one by downshifting too far
Get out of the shoe clips just in time, jump off bike, reset chain,
Turn bike sideways into a driveway to get some momentum again and carry on

On I go, up and down, mostly up
So great to see and recognize almost all of the volunteer monitors at the corners and turn arounds
The light showers have now turned to rain, stinging the face and arms on the downhills
Come to the really washboard, potholed, downhill U-turn,
Stay upright - whew - perhaps a little close to the centreline, to avoid the worst of it on the inside

Push on to The Wall. Not sure why I have been in such a hurry to get to this humbling point
But always a good cheering section here, so bear down, and eventually make it up
Then back to the paved shoulder of the highway - ahhhhhhhhh

Catch a couple on the way back, staying 200 yards behind one stubbornly strong guy
Until he gets to the Dismount line, where he plants both feet as he stops, on either side of his bike
While I glide in with my leg already over the seat to the dismount side
And slide by him, on the run

Get my cadence up quickly, with the rain stopped for now - great for running
Get overtaken by a couple of girls about 2 K in, but manage to hang onto one of them
Closing on Viola now ( the girls start 5 minutes before the men )
And see a very senior citizen, Charlie Olmsted, rise from his seated position to cheer her on
Viola is our own triathlon royalty, and even seniors will stand up for royalty
Whereupon she rewards her longtime friend and neighbour, with a big hug
Gotta love it

5 minutes later, see the Ryan sisters, Jenny and Amanda, blazing home,
More or less tied for second place: Holler " Finish Together " ( They do ! )
And then a few minutes later, there is Brandi coming back too
Fire in her eyes, moving at a quicker pace:
Looks like we got us a foot race for second for the ladies

Closing on the turnaround, wondering why I have not seen my nemesis yet
Hit turnaround, back to the bottom of the hill and there's Mark: uh-oh, here he comes
Bear down some more, work even harder to stay with my leader girl
No more fooling around,
Head and heart in charge,
Legs and lungs will just have to put up with it
Come as close to sprinting as I can, for the 4 K home
Up the highway, down the finish line chute
And across, with Mark 20 seconds behind me
A good thing for me that the run was not 500 meters longer.

Change hats back to race administration
Move volunteers tent to shelter finishers from the rain
Start to take down snow fencing, barricades, cones, etcetera, etcetera
Delighted to see that Mike Oakes has already picked up everything from the Bike Route
And Ahmed brings in everything from the Run Route

So glad to have real triathlon royalty visitors with us, in Rudy and Joan Hollywood, Denis Morel and Silent Bob
Along with such good friends of our Kiwanis club to put this event together
Add in some new, knowledgeable blood, with long trailers, for loading and deliveries
And Bob's your uncle, 3hours later, the site is clean, all the barricades and cones are back
And I am heading home
Tired but happy

2:08, 26 0f 93 overall, 1 of 3 in 60 - 64 age group
Mike Burke

 Rudy Says: always great to see you... and thanks for the report :-)