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Ironman to Be Acquired by China's Dalian Wanda
SportsOneSource Media Posted: 8/27/2015
Dalian Wanda Group Co., Ltd., one of the leading Chinese private conglomerates, has reached an agreement to acquire 100 percent of the World Triathlon Corporation, the owner of the Ironman brand and races, for $650 million.


This acquisition will bring a top international competition to China for the first time and marks a key milestone in the development of China's sports industry. Following the acquisition, Wanda will become the largest sports operating company in the world.

Triathlons are regarded as the pinnacle of world sport. Officially included in the Olympic Games, they are comprised of three disciplines, swimming, cycling, and running, completed in succession. The schedule is long and grueling, and tests athlete's fitness, stamina and skill, making it one of the most stimulating, challenging and watchable extreme sports in the world. The Ironman is a triathlon completed within a strict time limit, and is a popular global sporting event that is split into different levels according to age and ability. In the US alone, over 480,000 people participate in triathlon events, with over 4,400 separate races held each year.

WTC is headquartered in Tampa, Florida USA. It is the world's largest operator of Ironman events and the most well-known Ironman brand; as the owner of the sporting brand and the operator of the competition, WTC accounts for a 91% global market share of long-distance triathlon events. WTC has organized, promoted and licensed triathlon events for 37 years, and owns five exclusive triathlon brands, operating at least 250 events every year around the world. Its flagship brands are IRONMAN® (3.9km swim + 180km cycle + 42km run) and IRONMAN® 70.3® (1.9km swim + 90km cycle + 21.1km run) and are the world's largest competition participation platforms, holding more than 130 races with over 230,000 competitors.. IWTC's gross revenue has risen at a CAGR of 40% for four consecutive years, while net profit has grown at 40% a year. Due to its strong brand and unique business model, the company is expected to maintain a high visibility and shows fast-growing future business prospects.

Wanda's acquisition of WTC achieves multiple strategic goals. Firstly, it expands the industry scale of Wanda sports. At present, major global sports industries are largely situated in Europe and America, and acquisitions are the only way for most companies to scale up efficiently. After the acquisition of WTC, Wanda will become the largest sports company in the world in terms of scale. Secondly, the acquisition enables Wanda to secure core resources and assets in the global sports industry. Triathlons are a jewel in the crown of world endurance sports, and as WTC exclusively owns the major global triathlon brands, the acquisition provides Wanda with direct control over its core resources. Thirdly, the acquisition completes the formation of a comprehensive sports business for Wanda. Wanda has built a full industry value chain that includes event organizing, athlete representation, event marketing and rebroadcasting, which will greatly enhance Wanda's influence on the global sports stage and accelerate Wanda's strategic advancement in the industry.

Triathlons are on the cusp of explosion in China, with a bright future ahead. A large proportion of triathlons in Europe and America are comprised of middle-class participants that are around 35 to 40 years old. As China enters the ranks of middle income countries, people are paying increasing attention to physical fitness and spiritual fulfilment, and triathlon's unique charm and challenge is set to attract a large number of people. According to senior sports circles, China has millions of cyclists and tens of millions of runners, so the potential for triathlon participation is huge.

Triathlons also provide additional benefits to participating cities. Compared with marathons, triathlons are longer and more complicated, but can also be more appreciated, and can better present more of the host city, which helps to promote tourism. Statistics show that for a small triathlon with 1,000 participants, there are on average three friends or family members that come to support each participant. People are likely to stay for around four days and three nights, which translates into 5,000 hotel rooms being used in the host city. A triathlon brand owned by Wanda will become a much sought after event for Chinese cities.

It is understood that the entire management of WTC have opted to stay with the company and signed a long-term contract with Wanda after the acquisition. During the acquisition process, WTC management firmly recognized Wanda's brand strength and its development strategy for the sports industry, and were optimistic about the development of triathlons in China.


Chris White
Trailhead Paddle Shack
100-1960 Scott St
Ottawa Ont
Member of Source for Adventure (SDC)
613-722-4229 O
613-852-1441 C

Proud to have earned my Rudy Award (Kel Doig)
Run for the Animals (Larry Rubenstein)
Cycling in Portugal - OK Cycle and Adventure Tours (Fernando Sendao)
Runner's Web Digest (Ken Parker)
Cross Country Skiing Registration (Early Pricing) (David  McMahon & Lise Meloche)
Euro Sports Free Monday Night Drop-in Runs (Adam Eikenberry)
immt and wtc (Michael Abraham)
Early Deadline - Wakefield Moonlight River Run (Dayna Chicoine)
Peak Centre Triathlon Swim Program (PEAK  Centre)
For Sale: Womans 70`s Supercycle Racer- 27" wheels (Howie Sarault)
For Sale: Power Meter For Sale (Vince Power)
For Sale: Trek Superfly 7 - 2015 (Phil Lanthier)
Wanted: bicycle mechanic (Stephane  Bigras)

Welcome to TriRudy.com:
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 Kel Doig   (General Comments)
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I attended the 2014 award presentations, got to shake Rudy's hand and tell him I was going to give it a try in 2015.

Winterlude Triathlon - Cold, so cold. Then it turns out, I was way over-dressed and was sweating buckets in the ski and run.

Loppet (Skate Ski): Again, cold, so cold. By far the furthest I had ever skied. Climbed hills and paths I had never seen before. Unlike my friends, no frostbite for me. Stupidly pulled off my toque for the finish photo.

Big Sur Marathon: "Running on the Edge of the Western World". Absolutely gorgeous. But training by running on the ice of the Rideau Canal did not prepare me for the hills. A slow but beautiful day.

Rideau Lakes Cycle Tour: Had a blast. With the wind both ways. Good company, good beer and a good time. Slept well and ate my biggest breakfast ever.

Ironman Mont Tremblant: Hot, so hot. Hugely fulfilling. A lifelong dream, and a "big talk" accomplishment that I will always cherish. Unlike my first marathon of 20 years ago, it left me wanting more.
Kel Doig

 Rudy Says: C U in the fall Kel... well done!

 Larry Rubenstein   (General Comments)
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The 3rd Annual Ottawa Humane Society Wiggle Waggle Run for the Animals is quickly coming. Mark Sunday September 13 on your calendar for a full day of races and fun for the whole family. Spartacat, Ottawa Red Black Cheerleaders, Blue Grass Music, food trucks and plenty of fun activity for everyone. There will be a 1k kids fun run, 3k companion (dog) run, 5k run and 10k run. All runs will be timed with winners of each age category awarded a prize. And yes! there is a 1k and 3k walk with your dog for those who choose not to run. For further information go to www.ottawahumane.ca/run

See you all there
Larry Rubenstein

 Fernando Sendao   (General Comments)
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Don't miss out on all the details of riding in beautiful and scenic northern Portugal, this year or next. Covering +/- 300 km, this diversified tour takes you from the Atlantic shore up to isolation of the only National Park in the country. Offering a little bit of everything from riverside gravel trails to thrilling downhills to challenging climbs, it's not just a biking experience - it's Portugal's culture and tradition at it's natural and historical best.

RSVP katherine@thinktraveltoday.com. Presented by OK Cycle and Adventure Tours, 1737 Woodward Ave, 2nd Floor, Thu. Sept 10 6:30

Seja bem-vindo; we hope to see you there!

Fernando Sendao

 Ken Parker   (General Comments)
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Friday's Digest topics:
1. Is Running Good For Weight Loss?
2. Carbo-loading
3. Is It Harmful To Heel Strike When Running?
4. Do You Have a Tight Butt?
5. When Athletes Have Heart Attacks
6. Fitness: Ice baths, antioxidant supplements not always the best route to recovery
7. Fix your run form one mile at a time
8. World Championships: Jessica Ennis-Hill reveals return anxiety
9. For Athletes, the Risk of Too Much Water
10. How to Prevent Stress Fractures
11. Age Is Irrelevant When It Comes to Fitness
Want to continue to crush well into your 80s? Here’s how.
12. The Importance of Loving Your Diet
13. 3 Things Runners With Low Sex Drive Should Try Before “Female Viagra”
The newly approved pill's side effects could sabotage your workout, but these desire-boosting tactics can be used in tandem with intense training.
14. 3 Bodyweight Workout Routines For Runners
15. This Week in Running - Week Ending August 16th

"Which of the following shoe brands have you worn?"
* Asics
* adidas
* Brooks
* Fila
* Mizuno
* New Balance
* Nike
* Puma
* Reebok
* Saucony

How will you follow the IAAF World Athletics Championships in China?
1 In person 130 (11%)
2 Television 287 (25%)
3 Internet 430 (37%)
4 Newspapers 308 (26%)
5 No Opinion 13 (1%)
Total Votes: 1168

Subscribe to the Digest through Yahoo at:

Ken Parker
Ken Parker
The Running and Triathlon Resource Portal mailto:kparker@runnersweb.com
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 David McMahon & Lise Meloche   (General Comments)
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Register online now before the program fills up and prices increase.


Nordic skiing and snowshoeing will build functional core strength, cardiovascular endurance, aerobic power, agility, balance, and confidence in a pragmatic and natural environment. Achieve superior total-body conditioning with one sport.
Looking for adventure, lifestyle, or performance fitness???

The ski program offers:

-- 80 expert leads sessions over 16 weeks
-- Fitness Program Nordic Skiing or multisport athletes (from novice top elite levels)
-- 6 months of group trail running (FREE)
-- 2 month dryland training program
-- 16 weeks of on-snow sessions (four times per week included)
-- FREE Snowshoeing every week.
-- 52 week total training program, personal training and virtual coaching (costed option)
-- Technical instruction and coaching by expert skiers.
-- Strength training sessions
-- The most sophisticated sport specific video and biometrically analysis on the planet.
-- Technique and training DVDs (costed option)
-- Special seminars, clinics and training camps (costed option)

FALL PROGRAM ?Trail Running will continue Tuesdays 6:30pm and Sundays 9am into November or until we are on skis. Trail Running is FREE and everyone is welcome. (64 sessions/yr)??

Dryland training (nordicski walking, ski striding and core strength) will begin first Monday in Oct at Mooney's Bay (terry fox centre) 6:30PM [8 sessions] ???

Nordic Skiing sessions begin 01 Dec
For Adults 18+ (Parents are welcome to bring teenagers 16+ and we will coach them for FREE)

All sessions are your choice of either classic or skating technique.


TUESDAYS SKI TRAINING 6:30pm followed by optional SNOWSHOEING at approximately 8pm "Train to race" group workout skate skiing. Normally consists of a variety of interval and intensity sessions to develop power and strength. Place: TBD www.trirudy.com or www.twitter.com/fitnesslab This workout has a training focus for novice to expert skiers. You are strongly advised to show up early and warm up a bit before the Tuesday workout. We normally go for a short (optional) snowshoe after skiing. The complete “Nordic Skiing Technique and Training” curriculum is published on DVD/download from www.xczone.tv

WEDNESDAYS FREE SNOWSHOEING 6:30pm-8pm group workout snowshoeing. Normally the training consists of a variety of Fartlek or varied pace(run/hike) and terrain (slowest folks are approx 4kph). Discover a new snowshoe trail every week. Place: TBD www.trirudy.com or www.twitter.com/fitnesslab

THURSDAYS RESERVED FOR SPECIAL EVENTS (like ice skating, backcountry, orienteering, ski in pot luck dinners, spa, adventure etc)

SATURDAY TEAM TRAINING XC SKIING at 9am-12 AND SNOWSHOEING 1pm-3pm We also use this time to have special events or clinics. Place: TBD www.trirudy.com or www.twitter.com/fitnesslab

SUNDAY AM LONG DISTANCE 9am-12 distance training for intermediate+ racers followed 1pm-3pm Group "Ski Touring" easy group guided sessions for intermediate and below. It is suitable for novice skiers and better. Classic and skating. Place: TBD posted on www.trirudy.com or www.twitter.com/fitnesslab

SUNDAY PM SKI TECHNIQUE 1pm "Learn to Ski" technical sessions classic or skating for all levels and abilities. Place: P9 Beginners and Novice Skiers are encouraged to attend this session to begin with. The complete “Learn to Nordic Ski” curriculum is published on DVD/download from www.xczone.tv

We will spice-up the sessions with optional special events and activities:
Ski Orienteering
Hut-to-Hut Skiing
Ski and Spa
Snow Shoeing
Winter Trail Running
Winter Adventure Racing

We will run a number of special clinics and training camps this season on Saturday afternoons:
Beginner-Novice Skate Skiing and Classic
Intermediate+ Skate Skiing and Classic
Downhill skiing on cross-country skis
Ski, Run Snowshoe training camp
Women and daughters on skis (Fast and Female)
Instructor Clinic
Waxing, equipment selection, training etc

Cost $150 (students free) until 01 September then price goes up
Register online now before the program fills up

David  McMahon & Lise Meloche
"Living and coaching natural fitness through clean oxygen fed sport."

 Adam Eikenberry   (General Comments)
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It's Monday again and time for Euro Sports free Monday Night drop-in runs... No registration or membership is necessary, just show up dressed and ready to run, everyone is welcome. The group meets at Euro Sports (New location 250 City Centre Unit #130, a couple of units over from the old spot, enter through Victory Caffe #132) at 6pm, every Monday except for holidays... The runs range between 5-10km and are at a recovery effort.

This week's run will be around 7km, at a recovery effort.

Adam Eikenberry
HBKin, MSc Kin, CK
Euro-Sports/Foodery/ Dal-Cin cycling Team
Euro Sports Running Team

 Michael Abraham   (General Comments)
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pardon the non poetic and less than verbose post as I only have one hand to type and already lost half a page by hitting a wrong key with my slightly gimpy good arm.

some of you may know I crashed out of immt at around km 174 ish. I never expected to do another ironman after a very successful imc Penticton 2008, first and expected last. but decided to sign up and do some semblance of training due to some running friends that got into it.

I felt reasonably prepared for a decent but not stellar race. had a great swim at 1:15 a few seconds faster than 2008 in tougher conditions (very foggy sighting). first bike loop was good at 2:45 but second was slowing due to heat, difficulty eating, burning feet and a longer stop at special needs and potty.

still I was on pace for about a 5:50ish ride so good enough. I was wanting off the bike - unusual for me - from about km 140 onward.

I have no idea what caused the crash, obstacle, arms slipped off bars, suicidal squirrel, but apparently it was a topic of discussion on slowtwitch which I guess is the tri forum of choice.

in any event I am now on a challenging road to recovery after 3 fractures and, given both my shoulders limited mobility, some likely soft tissue damage.

the thing is my emergency contact - which these race organizers seems to make much importance of - never got a call, message or anything. neither at the time of the accident, or subsequent. I myself have not heard a thing via email or phone from the organizer. The major reason people knew was that I had a lot of friends racing and supporting, and a nurse friend started calling local hospitals.

I was in hospital for 9 days, 2 different hospital trauma units and some time at civic orthopedic ward, a significant time after race.....and still not one word from the organizer.

I don’t want to go on a witch hunt here, but I’d like to ask the tri community if you would find this to be acceptable conduct? This is a mature, well established and very well funded organization, not some grassroots toonie race. do they not feel some moral, ethical, or dare I say “legal” obligation to follow up on a horrific injury that occurred in their event??

no effort to ensure emergency contact knew.....no effort to follow up with the injured participant....

I leave it with you to decide.... but your thoughts on this matter are of great interest to me.

Cheers and keep the rubber side down.
Michael Abraham
Go Hard !

 Dayna Chicoine   (Announcements)
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ONLY A FEW DAYS left to take advantage of the early bird deal for The Wakefield Moonlight River Run, Sign up by AUGUST 31st at midnight and SAVE $$$ ! Come light up the night on a flat 5km, 10km, and 10 mile course alongside the beautiful Gatineau River in Wakefield QC. Live music, hot chili, headlamps, t-shirts, zumba, and recovery food included with prizes for top finishers. Sign up with your friends NOW to join the fun and run by the light of the moon on September 26th: REGISTER TO RUN HERE: http://www.aegleevents.com/ca…/wakefield-moonlight-river-run

$5 from every registration fee will be donated to the Wakefield Emergency Fund and the Wakefield Grannies. Pledges and donations are also accepted through this event to help these charities directly. Help a runner meet their goal in raising funds for these great local charities who make a difference every day. Donate Here: https://www.events.runningroom.com/site/?raceId=11446&vrindex=8

Thank you very much for all your participation and help, we hope you join us. Don't run? still looking for volunteering helping hands, please contact Dayna Chicoine: dayna@aegleevents.com

Dayna Chicoine - Race Director

Dayna Chicoine

 PEAK Centre   (Announcements)
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Block 1 – Technical development and base conditioning

The technical phase of the program is important in establishing positional awareness. technique correction, and to reduce injury potential from improper swim mechanics. This phase is important in establishing the base upon which all training will be focused. Being a triathlon specific program – the majority of drills will focus strictly on technique for improvement of your freestyle stroke (front crawl), with other strokes added for variety.

Keeping with the Peak Centre’s mission to eliminate the guesswork and educate athletes – we will be offering monthly sport science seminars specific to swimming/triathlon. Sport science based topics to include: training in energy systems, race/training fuelling, the importance of strength training, and race strategy planning.

Registration BONUS: Receive a $75.00 credit to be used towards Peak Centre testing/training services

Times: September 9- December 31: Monday, Wednesday = 6:00-7:00 AM, Saturday = 7:30-9:00 AM

Location: Plant Pool

Register at: http://www.peakcentre.ca/sport-specific/swimming/
PEAK  Centre
PEAK Centre: Because everyone deserves to train properly

 Technosport Coach Duane Jones PhD, CSEP-CPT   (Announcements)
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Last day for pre-season savings for Technosport!

Many plans close to being full!

Check out our specialty distance/triathlon/ironman/IndividualMedley specialty Gold Plan - train up to 14 practices a week!

Check out our Beginner Triathletes and Fitness Swimmers Bronze Plan - expanded practice selection and great prices too!

Sign up today for our ANNUAL SKILLS & DRILLS CAMP - we have hired more coaches due to demand! Now 5 SPOTS LEFT!


Technosport Coach  Duane Jones PhD, CSEP-CPT
A proud TriRudy Award sponsor and $$ donator!
Check out Facebook for more tips on training, motivation and nutrition.


 Howie Sarault   (For Sale/Rent)
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For Sale: Womans 70`s Supercycle.
19" step thru frame,Hand polished chrome and metal finish.Ram drop bars w/double brake levers. Stem shifting
3 crank so 15 speeds for commuting.New 27" tires,bar wrap,seat and re cabled.
Great paint very few scratches-No rust,dents etc.Can send pics..$100.
Howie Sarault

 Vince Power   (For Sale/Rent)
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Power Tap G3 Hub Power Meter with Rim, used only one season
Vince Power

 Phil Lanthier   (For Sale/Rent)
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Trek SuperFly 7 2015 model in size 17.5. Matte Orange and black.
SLX shifters with XT derailleur on the rear.
Rockshox REBA front suspension.

Phil Lanthier

 Stephane Bigras   (Wanted to Buy Items)
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Looking for a full time experienced bilingual bicycle
Stephane  Bigras