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for Monday Oct 22 2018
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Halloween is coming ... “Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn and caldron bubble.” ...

End of an era...
The Final Rudy Awards will take place on Friday, Nov 9 at St Anthony's Soccer Club, 523 St Anthony St (at Preston), Ottawa, Ontario, K1R 0A6

Tickets for the buffet dinner are $60, tax and tip included, or you can arrive after 19:30 for the Awards Presentation.

Schedule of events:

18:00 to 18:30--Drinks and welcome

18:30-19:30--Buffet Dinner

19:30-20:15--Awards presentations

20:15--Open Mic when you can say a few words or tell one of your best Rudy or Joan stories

Buffet Description:


Garden Salad
Selection of Italian Cold Cuts
Assortment of Cheeses, Olives and Marinated Vegetables

Pasta with Meat Sauce
Roast Beef/Roast Chicken

Roasted Potatoes and Mixed Vegetables

Dinner Rolls and Butter included


Assorted cake squares
Coffee, tea
In the event of dietary restrictions, this menu can be customized to suit your needs

To buy your dinner ticket or sign up for your free admission after 19:30 (so we know how many to expect), go to:

Remember to send pictures to
Rick Hellard
Please Share the Road

Tri Rudy Awards (Adam Kourakis)
Advice on Rowing Ergometer (Louise Boudreault)
16wk INDOOR Road Cycling Program- Triathletes (D'Aoust Training Systems Sylvie D'Aoust)
FREE Online NUTRITION Workshop (D'Aoust Training Systems Sylvie D'Aoust)
FIFTY PLUS PROGRAM - all levels! Novice welcome! (Technosport Coach Duane  Jones PhD, CSEP-CPT,CFC)
Power Tap power meter for sale $ 525.00 (Gaëtan  Boulanger)
For Sale: Cerrvelo P2 48cm with Zipp 404 650c whee (Vanessa Meikle)
For Sale: Trading Wheel Complete (Dave Roberts)
For Sale: House with Indoor Hydropool Swim-spa for (Cairine Chisamore)
For Sale: Giant Escape Jr 24 (Alexis Conrad)
Race Report: Cyclocross Race at KIN Vineyard (Adam Kourakis)

Welcome to
 Cairine Chisamore        Ottawa 
 Alexis Conrad        Ottawa 


 Adam Kourakis   (General Comments)
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In talking to Rick Hellard, it looks like there are still some tickets available for the upcoming Rudy Awards. If you can come, it would be great to see you there. It would be a great chance to thank Rudy & Joan for everything they've done. It would also be a great chance for me to meet the Tri-Rudy community in person.

My plan is to keep largely unchanged (except for the things that need to change - to catch up to the newer technologies and platforms we'll be using) but I'd love to get your insight on things that TriRudy could do.

Please see below and grab your ticket!

The Rudy Awards will take place on Friday, Nov 9 at St Anthony's Soccer Club, 523 St Anthony St (at Preston), Ottawa, Ontario, K1R 0A6

Tickets for the buffet dinner are $60, tax and tip included, or you can arrive after 19:30 for the Awards Presentation.

To buy your dinner ticket or sign up for your free admission after 19:30 (so we know how many to expect), go to:

Remember to send pictures to

Adam Kourakis
Velofix Ottawa - Owner and Operator

 Louise Boudreault   (General Comments)
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My husband is looking to invest in a rowing ergomoeter for the winter to reduce the amount of biking he does. Can anyone recommend a good model for him to look for? The cool features are less important than something durable and able to handle a high volume of use.
Louise Boudreault

 D'Aoust Training Systems Sylvie D'Aoust   (General Comments)
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Register NOW!
Program designed by a cycling coach, for CYCLIST and Instructed by racers.

-Videos during the sessions.
-Additional class over Christmas
-Keiser M App
Winter INDOOR Road Cycling Program, for all levels

LEARN valuable cycling Techniques, on Keiser Power bikes Hill climbing techniques, speed drills, build endurance base, improve pedal stroke, nutrition tips for energy & performance guaranteed to become more efficient a cyclist
-Complete 2 MAP tests
-Train to your HRT Rate or POWER zones
-90 min sessions
-Qualified EX Elite Cyclist as your coaches

Program For CYCLIST.
This is NOT aerobics on a spin bike
$405 cdn
90 min sessions
16wk Winter Road Cycling Program, starting end of November.
Monday: 7:30pm-9:00pm Starts Dec 3
Wednesday: 6:30pm-8:00pm Starts Dec 5
Thursday: 7:00pm-8:30pm Starts Dec 6
Friday: 9:00am-10:30pm Starts Nov 30


TESTIMONIAL: We loved our Friday mornings with you (especially once the work-out was over :-). Seriously though...this is the first time I've ever really concentrated on my pedal stroke and that alone is a huge take-away. I'm going to do my very best to take this great training and continue to use it on the road. I think muscle memory is starting to kick in. We did a 30k easy road ride a few weeks ago and I'm pretty sure I was making round strokes for at least 90% of that ride. I'm THRILLED about that! You made the cold months fly by...thanks a lot! At the moment, our plan is to join up next winter as well. Thanks again!
Cheers, Ruth.
D'Aoust Training Systems Sylvie D'Aoust
Level 3 National Road Cycling Coach
FIGURE Competitor
Personal Trainer
SPORTS Nutrition Consultant
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 D'Aoust Training Systems Sylvie D'Aoust   (General Comments)
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FREE Nutrition Workshop that will help you overcome some questions about WHY you aren't getting the results you want.

Take away some helpful tips on:
-Nutritional timing
-Why Supplements for athletes are important and more

Register below for this amazing ONLINE Nutrition Workshop.
Monday, November 5
8:00pm EST
Deadline to register: November 2.
From the comfort of your home.
All participants will receive the recording of the workshop and some amazing bonuses.
D'Aoust Training Systems Sylvie D'Aoust
Level 3 National Road Cycling Coach
FIGURE Competitor
Personal Trainer
SPORTS Nutrition Consultant
Powered by Isagenix

 Technosport Coach Duane Jones PhD, CSEP-CPT,CFC   (Announcements)
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Coach Duane Jones gave up Olympic coaching to focus on the adult athlete and provide a program to meet today’s challenge of getting fit age 50 Plus. Speciality coaches are assigned to focus on special drills and technique to get you fit again.

We promise – you don’t have to be a superstar. You don’t have to be in perfect shape, and you don’t need to be a great swimmer. ??

Just focus on the skills and feel your fitness build from practice to practice. ??

We work with you, so you can be your best you!

Learn more and register here!

Technosport Coach Duane  Jones PhD, CSEP-CPT,CFC
A proud TriRudy Award sponsor and $$ donator!
Check out Facebook for more tips on training, motivation and nutrition.

 Gaëtan Boulanger   (For Sale/Rent)
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Power Tap SL+ hub, upgraded 2 years ago by CycleOps in Madison Wisconsin, it is like the newer G3 hub. The power meter is mounted on a Bontrager Aeolus 5.0 carbon wheel, purchased in 2014, never raced nor crashed, always well maintained by my local bike shop. Fully operational and includes a Joule 2,0 odometer and CycleOps heart rate strap : you are good to finally train, ride or race with watts.

Gaëtan  Boulanger

 Vanessa Meikle   (For Sale/Rent)
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Blue/white and grey paint scheme 10 speed with Ultegra components, carbon bar extensions and compact 50/34 cranks with 172mm arms. Excellent condition,never crashed, serviced twice a year. It has some paint chips near the rear drop outs from changing wheels and taking it off the trainer. Zipp 404 clincher 650s, great condition with no accidents or crashes. Rear wheel hasn't been used for years as I use a PT wheel. Front wheel has seen more use with races, never trained on them. I'll throw in two sets of low mileage tires, several tubes and a wheel cover for race day!
Excluded from sale: pedals, saddle shown, bottle cages and mount.
Vanessa Meikle

 Dave Roberts   (For Sale/Rent)
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I have recently purchased a Wahoo Kickr. subsequently, I have sold my liquid pro trainer. My training wheel is not required on my Kickr. This is a mavic wheel, Shimano hub, training tire and is equipped with an Ultegra cassette. It is is ready to go and in perfect condition.
Dave Roberts

 Cairine Chisamore   (For Sale/Rent)
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Make it easy to get your swim training in year round. Live in a house with an indoor swim-spa. A separate air exchanger ventilates the pool room so no pool smell. 3 bedroom bungalow at 40 Sai Crescent in Ottawa's Hunt Club Park. Call Cairine at 613-882-0807 for a showing.
Cairine Chisamore

 Alexis Conrad   (For Sale/Rent)
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Giant Escape Jr 24. In excellent condition. Can send photo if interested.
Alexis Conrad

 Adam Kourakis   (Race Reports)
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Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. The weather is nice and crisp, the scenery is beautiful and it's cyclocross season! Most of the mainstream races & events are done for the reach but if you haven't heard of or tried "cyclocross", it's a great way to extend the season and have some fun.

Every September marks the beginning of the Eastern Ontario Cyclocross Series (EOCS). If you want to learn more about it, check out their website. For 9 consecutive Sunday's, you can race (or participate, as I like to call it) in a well-organized event. You can do all 9 races, or just 1. And if you're not interested in racing, spectating and volunteering is fun too.

A typical cross event has you biking on a course (usually 4 to 10 minutes to complete one loop) for up to an hour. After the hour, most laps wins! The nice thing about this format is that no one can tell who's in first, or who's in last. When I get overlapped by the faster riders, I like to think I'm in second place for a bit. It boosts my moral and I like to think that my friends might actually think I'm in second place!

Last week's race was a little different than a typical cyclocross event. This one was called a "Madison". A Madison is exactly like a regular cross race, but you ride in pairs. One teammate will do a loop, high five their teammate, then have the other teammate do a loop. Repeat until time is up. It's a different kind of challenge because you get a break in between your loops but you push harder when you are riding - and I somehow felt more tired after the Madison. I think I have a hard time starting again, once I've stopped.

This year's Madison was hosted at KIN Vineyards. The venue was great and it was really great to see someone local open up their business and land for us to use. I know the riders appreciated and most of us bought a few bottles of wine as a thank you (plus, they make great wine!). The course itself went up and down the rows of vines, and looped around the vineyard. It was a really cool set up.

So this race had a unique format and a unique venue but it also had a unique start. Instead of a "3-2-1 GO", they had one teammate line up at the start line with their bike, and one teammate put their bike aside and line up down the road. After the "3-2-1 GO", the teammate without the bike had to run up the road, around a flat and tag their partner. It was funny enough seeing 60+ people running in their cycling shoes but the real comedy came from seeing 60+ people trying to find their partner in the sea of 120+ people and their bikes. When it came time to tag off, people were trying to flag down their partner anyway possible - and it was a bit of comic relief to the pain of racing.

For me (a noncontender), cyclocross follows the same principle as Who's Line is it Anyways - the points don't matter. At the end of the race, they post the results and I place in the top half of the field, but I was having way too much fun to take too much about the final position.

As for the actual race report, it was a great course for someone like me - a triathlete. It had a running start, it has a transition every 5~ minutes and the course was relatively easy. There was one wooden barrier where you had to get off your bike and carry it over, but aside from that, I was able to ride my bike through everything.

There were 3 spots where you rode through a row of vines, and they had two different rows you could choose to ride through. They were pretty equal in distance and difficulty but choosing one row over another gave you a chance to pass, or be passed. I'm not as strong on the technical stuff, but the long straightaways gave me a small chance to pass some people, or at least close the gap.

On the very last lap, I hit a sharp rock when I was going uphill through the sandpit. I was trying to pick up speed to make it up the steep part and when I jumped out of the saddle, I heard my front tire burp. I was running 25 PSI that day, on a tubeless set up, but after the burp, I was closer to 5 PSI. I rode up the hill and through one more row of vines before I decided to put my bike on my shoulder and carry my bike across the finish line. My friends were nice enough to heckle me all the way to finish and everyone got a good laugh at the mechanic who had a flat tire. The irony was not lost on me either.

If you haven't tried cyclocross, I recommend giving it a shot. It's a welcoming community, it's fun and it really improves your cycling ability. In a cross race, you have to ride in grass, mud, dirt, sand, water, and snow. You have to jump over barriers, run with your bike and bunny hop the little things. It's a punchy race, but you can go as hard or as easy as you'd like. Either way, think about signing up for a cross race sometime.
Adam Kourakis
Velofix Ottawa - Owner and Operator