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“You’re not obligated to win. You’re obligated to keep trying. To the best you can do everyday.” --? Jason Mraz

We hope to see you all at the auction and awards on Sat. R/J

Love Your Heart (Jonathan Slaney)
One Last Item (Joan Hollywood)
Reminder For Saturday (Joan Hollywood)
Black Friday Weekend Savings!!! (PEAK  Centre)
For Sale: Powertap Joule GPS+ head unit - Brand Ne (John Hewie)
For Sale: Louis Garneau Vortace Helmet (Barry Dmitruk)


 nancy coke   (General Comments)
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Last day to buy 15% off x-ski passes for Gatineau Park is December 1st, but I would purchase it by November 30th to be safe.

When picking up your pass, at Trailhead, you are enouraged to make a donation to CHEO and Elisabeth Bruyere Hospital. There will be a donation container on the desk where you pick up your pass. Over the years we have given thousands of dollars to charity. Thanks.

Adult (18 to 59yo) - $127.50 (regular price $180 after early bird deadline)
Senior (60 + yo) - $85.00 (regular price $105.00 after early bird deadline)
Student (18 to 24yo) - $85.00 (regular price $105.00 after early bird deadline)
Youth (13 to 17yrs) - $76.50 (regular price 85.00$ after early bird deadline)
Children 12yrs of age and under - free
Family - maximum 2 adults and 3 youth - $335.00 (regular price $380.00 after early bird deadline)

PURCHASE DEADLINE: December 1, 2015

In order to purchase your discounted pass use the following link to Demsis Group Ski Pass Sales at

Trailhead Paddle Shack
1960 Scott St
Ottawa, On

Please make your donation when you pick-up your pass (not earlier).

Please feel free to forward this on to anyone who might be interested and to post it on facebook.

nancy coke

 Jonathan Slaney   (General Comments)
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In 2016 I will partner with Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation to raise awareness and funds for their cause. an official release will be made soon, and you can be sure to hear more from me about this initiative, and qualifying for 2016 70.3 World Championships as a Professional.

Please take a moment to read this - it is very important!


Love Your Heart!

Heart Screening For Athletes!

Endurance athletes could be putting themselves at an increased risk for cardiovascular disease. I am obviously not saying that you should stop endurance sports. Endurance sport and coaching is my passion in my life as it is for many. But take the necessary steps to ensure that you are doing the best for your body, not causing harm.

In training, racing and coaching I have seen first hand that endurance athletes can become very unhealthy, engage in practices that contribute to poor cardiovascular health, inflammation, metabolic disease and hormone dysfunction. Please, do not become victim of the above and proceed with health being a first priority, and proper testing and screening being a close second. With this approach it is very likely that you will become an even better endurance athlete then you could have previously imagined.

Here is my continuum for endurance athletes:

Healthy trumps only fit.

Healthy and fit trumps unhealthy and only fit.

Healthy, fit, and strong trumps only healthy and fit.

Healthy, fit, strong and fast trumps all of the above.


Notice that healthy always comes first. It will always come first, whether you believe in it or not.

Don't believe me? What's the #1 reason that Mark Allen's record(s) have not been broken in Kona?

Many will pipe up and say the depth of the field. Well, how about the pointy end? Subtract the bike technology and today's depth is actually slower. It's also unhealthier. Coincidence?

No athlete since has come close to Mark's remarkable state of health, with his remarkable state of fitness, strength, and speed to back it up. There will always be a winner at Kona each year, but health is the reason they cannot come back and do it again (and again, again, again, again, again). In discussion with my advisor Phil Maffetone, Phil believes that Mark had two more wins left in his body. But he did not tell Mark this fore many years after, since Mark made a wise decision to "stop at 6" in order to live a long, healthy life with his family.

Cardiovascular Health

Is has been found that nearly 50% of heart attacks occur in people with what is considered normal serum cholesterol levels, and two-thirds of people in the "healthy" range have other diagnosable risk factors for cardiovascular disease. A good resource for learning more about this issue can be found here.

Blood testing: Go see your doc and get this done!
•Total Cholesterol
•Particle size
•Fasting blood glucose
•Fasting insulin
•High sensitivity C-Reactive Protein (hs-CRP) (inflammation)

**High blood glucose and insulin levels put you at greater risk of developing insulin resistance, prediabetes and type 2 diabetes. Untreated diabetes can lead to many serious medical problems including heart disease and stroke. If you’re overweight AND you have at least one additional cardiovascular risk factor, your doctor may recommend a blood glucose test.

Physical Tests:

•Blood pressure: Blood pressure is one of the most important screenings because high blood pressure usually has no symptoms so it can’t be detected without being measured. High blood pressure greatly increases your risk of heart disease and stroke. If your blood pressure is below 120/80 mm Hg, be sure to get it checked at least once every two years, starting at age 20.

•Waist circumference: While most authorities prescribe measuring BMI, this can be misleading in many ways. When it comes to excess weight, particularly body fat, the storage around the central organs is highly problematic and puts you at higher risk for cardiovascular disease. Some numbers to watch out for are males: 102cm (40in) and females: 88cm (35in). For any individual, this is too much central fat storage. For a endurance athlete, this is way too much, and unless you adopt a healthy diet, lifestyle and training pattern you may want to boycott running for the sake of your joint health.

•Diet Analysis: Insufficient nutrient intake, as well as excessive carbohydrate intake can contribute to elevated triglycerides, elevated LDL and/or reduced particle size (bad!), increased fasting insulin and blood glucose, increased inflammation and hormone imbalance. I may seem biased since I am a nutritionist, however I have seen all of these very serious risk factors reverse after diet analysis and intervention of the necessary changes. This one change can literally be a life (and endurance performance) saver!

* A key to the success of a diet intervention is finding the natural carbohydrate intake for the individual. This can be assessed and implemented with a trained nutrition professional. Improved endurance performance will result.

•Stress: Excess stress, no matter what form, can contribute to poor health and development of many different diseases. Your body does not differentiate between chemical, physical, mental, or emotional stresses. If you have some or all of these, they will stack up in the same way and have negative effects on your life and health. Please have this assessed, and implement a plan to deal with the stresses in your life. Don't make overtraining one of them!

•Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening: A painless, non-invasive procedure, an abdominal aortic aneurysm screening requires you to lie on your back while a technician uses ultrasound to take images and measurements of your abdominal aorta.

•Cardiac Stress Test: a cardiological test that measures a heart's ability to respond to external stress in a controlled clinical environment. The stress response is induced by exercise or by drug stimulation. You may be a fit and strong endurance athlete, but the stress test is a strong screening tool for endurance athletes and sedentary folks alike.

•Echocardiography: Also called an "Echo". Coming from a family with a high prevalence of HOCM, a condition of the heart that can cause sudden death during sports particularly in younger athletes (but can occur at any age), this test is near and dear to my heart. I have bee screened and do not show signs yet, but since a similar illness claimed the life of my mother, I will be checking again and again unless I the appropriate gene testing approves that I do not have this condition (which can develop as one ages). Please go get an ECHO, and depending on your doctor, you may be able to get gene testing as well.

•Electrocardiogram: Each beat of your heart is triggered by an electrical impulse normally generated from special cells in the upper right chamber of your heart. An electrocardiogram — also called an ECG or EKG — records these electrical signals as they travel through your heart.

Special note on EKG and HRV

* Most athletes I work with use heart rate variability to monitor their progress and recovery from training. HRV is a simple an at-home version of a an EKG, with a user-friendly score given after each reading (from 0-100). Healthy endurance athletes will range from 70-100, where as those at risk for heart disease could be on the low end of the scale. Before a myocardial infarction, the HRV will suddenly drop significantly. This has been seen in the hospital setting. Those having undergone cardiovascular stressful incidence will have a low HRV for days after, making it also a good measure to gauge recovery and risk of re-occurrence. Please, measure your HRV each morning. It will improve your training, performance, and if it ever tanks head to the hospital, seriously. I have seen mine go from 85 to 55 from overreaching, but if it hit 30 or 20 I would be headed to Emerg. I use the ithlete device, with my $80 Polar H7 heart rate monitor. In total it is a $92 investment, which for me is nothing considering the return I get.

Summary Of Risk Factors
•Family history
•Increasing age
•Gender (males have an increased risk)
•High cholesterol
•High blood pressure
•Elevated C-reactive protein
•Chronic stress
•Chronic endurance training above aerobic threshold
•Excess alcohol intake
•Poor diet

Please print this article, bring it to your doctor, and have the appropriate testing and screening done to stop guessing about your cardiovascular disease risk.

I don't care how fit you think you are! Go do this!

I realize that many of the points on this article only scratch the surface on it's respective topic. To refrain from using all of the words on the internet, I kept it simple:). Let this blog be a starting point for many of the topics I will write about in detail in the future.

Have a healthy day!

Jonathan Slaney

Professional Triathlete

Endurance and Health Coach

Sports Nutritionist

Jonathan Slaney

Eurosports Ottawa -
Falco Bikes -
Triathlon NL -
Nineteen Wetsuits
Canadian Heart & Stroke Foundation

 Joan Hollywood   (General Comments)
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And squeaking in at the wire, we have one full 2015/2016 season entry to The Mad Trapper Snowshoe series, four races, donated by Mike Caldwell. Value $120
Also two race entries for the Esprit de Montreal Weekend from Danny McCann, race director.
Peruse the whole list on the TriRudy Website, click NEWS.
Hope to see you at the TriRudy Silent Auction and Awards Night, this Saturday 4PM on at the atrium of Fifth Avenue Court, Bank Street.
Joan Hollywood

 Joan Hollywood   (General Comments)
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A reminder, that there are several people who are bringing things for the auction on Saturday. Please see me when you arrive.
Joan Hollywood

 PEAK Centre   (General Comments)
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Take advantage of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday savings this weekend by booking in for your next Threshold VO2 Max Assessment!

Call in to book your assessment with the code word "Black Friday" before end of day on Monday November 30th and receive our Threshold VO2 Max Assessment for the price of our Zone Check! That's $60.00 in savings to you, and a whole ton of useful training information to eliminate the guesswork from your training programs!

Not sure if a VO2 is right for you, but you know of a friend or family member who would love to complete one?? Holiday Hint: VO2 Gift certificates are available and make an awesome present for those fitness enthusiasts in your life!!!

Don't miss out! Contact us today to learn more!!!
613-737-7325 or
PEAK  Centre
PEAK Centre: Because everyone deserves to train properly

 manny agulnik   (General Comments)
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PRESENTATION NIGHT: January 13, 2016
7:00 pm at 1737 Woodward Drive, 2nd Floor

Netherlands is three quarters the size of Nova Scotia with a population of 16.8 million and over 32,000 km of well marked cycling paths.
The most densely populated country in Europe with 26% of the country below sea level.

Friendly people that almost all speak English. Visit Amsterdam and their canals or Den Haag with its pomp and ceremony or the witches museum (where those that wanted fair judgement would send their witches) or the UNESCO World Heritage Windmill park.

Oh. I should mention that there are 60 different breweries all over the country each with their own different beer glass.

Come out to hear about the many cycling and barge bike opportunities.
There will be a representative from the Dutch Embassy in attendance.



5 days of cycling in beautiful Antioquia

Tour is fully supported. Airport pick up and return.

Route is used for the training of
Sergio Luis Henao (SKY)
Rigobert Uran (ETYTIX)
Carlos Betancur (MOVISTAR)
Fernando Gaviria (ETTIX)

Direct flights daily from Toronto to Bogotá. We would be pleased to book flights and respond to questions.(Columbia not yet on the website)

We have on our website
Custom tours available.

Don't miss the TriRudy Awards and Silent Auction.
Satururday November 28th.
4:00 to 6:00 pm for the silent auction
6:15 for the awards.

Event takes place at 5th Avenue Atrium corner Bank. Great parking in the area. Enjoy a beer or a bit to eat at Arrow and Loon Pub.

We will have our booth set up to give out flyers to the ride from Ottawa to Kennebunkport, Maine and to respond to any touring questions

Many other winter destinations for cycling available including New Zealand or Madagascar or Spain or....

Email with questions.

manny agulnik
2006 City of Ottawa Bruce

Timmerman Award Winner

 Technosport Coach Duane Jones PhD, CSEP-CPT   (Announcements)
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Calling all triathletes!


Are you a triathlete who wants a faster, more efficient swimming leg? This plan can make that happen for you!

Are you a new swimmer wanting to improve? This plan is for you, too.

ALL LEVELS - we can help you be the best you've ever been. Train up to 5 practices a week...just $75/mo!

TECHNO - learn, improve and realize your goals!

• We also offer nutritional counseling & cross-training programs
Technosport Coach  Duane Jones PhD, CSEP-CPT
A proud TriRudy Award sponsor and $$ donator!
Check out Facebook for more tips on training, motivation and nutrition.

 John Hewie   (For Sale/Rent)
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Brand new Joule GPS+ head unit that came with a new trainer I acquired. Already have several other head units so won't be needing this one.
John Hewie

 Barry Dmitruk   (For Sale/Rent)
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Triathlon TT helmet. Worn three times. Because of brain surgery no longer fits (I need a larger size). Great x-mas gift for the triathlete in your life
Barry Dmitruk
Barry Dmitruk
Sponsored by:!/orleans.cycles?fref=ts