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I didn't start skiing until I was 50. My wife Lois taught me how to ski. I'm proficiently conservative.
-Buzz Aldrin

Bring A Buddy Week! (Julia Aimers)
Jeff Beedel (and his tights) at the Winterlude Tri (Devashish  Paul)
Winterlude Triathlon 2019 (Rick Hellard)
Story behind picture (Denis Morel)
PORTUGAL (manny agulnik)
For Sale: Garmin 910 XT (Genevieve Harvey)
For Sale: Women's Red Triathlon Bike- Time Machin (Shannen Oxley)
For Sale: Madshus SuperNano carbon skate ski boots (Annie Jean)


 Julia Aimers   (General Comments)
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If you're looking for an awesome Saturday morning workout, bring yourself and a buddy along this Saturday for a FREE workout at the Team Triumph Triathlon Club House.

We will start with a 90 minute high energy indoor cycling class for triathletes or newbies at 10:15am. We will be doing a scientifically based FTP test so you know your watt zones!

After the 90 minutes, you have the option to jump into the gym and go for a run on the treadmills or on our running track! If you're still feeling great you can do strength training, foam roll and maybe go for a swim! Then your reward - enjoy a nice shower, hot tub, sauna and steam room! It's like training and going to Le Nordik all in one morning!

Yes, these are the many advantages of training with Team Triumph! Not only are you being coached by professional career triathlon coaches who will have you fitter, stronger and leaner for your triathlon but you also get to enjoy the amazing facilities at the OAC.

Team Triumph membership has it's privileges and we would be privileged to kick butt with you so you don't just get to the start line but you get to the finish line celebrating!

OAC - 2525 Lancaster Rd, right by the Museum of Science and Technology

Register Here for the Saturday, Dec 15th -

OR Contact us Now to Learn More -
Julia Aimers
Certified Exercise Physiologist
Certified Triathlon, Cycling, Swimming Coach, Yoga for Athletes Instructor

Team Triumph Triathlon Club Ottawa
Sanctioned by Triathlon Ontario

Volunteer Race Director:
Mike Collingwood Triathlon at Meech Lake

Triumph Triathlon Store

 Devashish Paul   (General Comments)
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Thanks for the picture of Jeff leading the Winterlude tri. For years, I would look for him and his custom tights and know exactly where I need to be in the peloton. Being all of 138 lbs (race weight dripping wet), there is no way I have enough power to really do any major pulls of any major duration with the big engines who are 50-80 lbs bigger (but amazingly Jeff, who is not much bigger, could).

Jeff would always be rock steady in the pack with a 6th sense for avoiding cracks and disasters in the ice. When the pack is going 40-50 kph, you want to be with guys like him who know what they are doing. There are people who do stupid things in the pack and either go down themselves or do thing that cause crashes. If there is an athlete to be near in the pack, Jeff was the one, and with the signature tights, that's perfect.

Jeff asked what year this picture was and based on my attire and the ski boots I am wearing it must be 2009. Well it turned out that Jeff paced the skate perfectly that day and delivered us to T1 without an mishaps. I think I was 6th into T1.

The days before I practiced my transitions every night at home and as practice makes perfect, I got onto the ski trail in first place. As luck would have it there were no studly skiers other than one college guy. Anyway, halfway through the ski I conceded the lead, but as I got into his draft, I noticed that the guy looked like he had the big heavy calves with a short achilles tendon. From years of racing summer tris, when a guy like that passes you on the bike and if they are "thicker" there is a good chance of reeling them back on the run. So I just tucked in and used this guy like a TdF sprinter using a leadout train.

Closing the ski course, I went into my customary arms only skate into T2 and started visualizing the location of my gear and the change, and more importantly shunting as much of my blood flow as possible away from the arms to the legs so that I have spring in my legs starting the run and they don't feel like deadwood. Skiing on a flat on fast-ish snow you don't need your arms to draft someone, so I let the other guy do the work and move the blood down to my legs....this is a great trick for summer triathlons too that I learned reading an interview from Aussie Tri great Brad Bevan...kick like crazy ending the swim and soft stroke with the arms so you have a smooth transition.

Into T2 and a week of practice kicked in, but lo and behold coming out of T2 as the young guy cramped, I suddenly had the ageless Dave Field on my shoulders. Plus there were a host of fast running young guys (keep in mind I was already 44 for the 2009 Winterlude tri, so while I was running well for a 44 year old, all you need is one 16 minute 5K runner who will put 2-3 min on you during the run and its over) so here I was fighting for the race lead with Dave, but I also had to worry about pacing so as to not completely blow up.

The turnaround offered us a view of where we were and with 2.5K to go, I started feeling that Dave and I may be racing for the race win, which would be my first ever race win in a triathlon of any sort in my life. A few times I tried to surge into headwinds but you don't drop Dave easily. Better to surge and try to drop someone with the tailwind when they don't get as much of a draft.

When Dave and I turned back onto the final straight leg on Dow's lake to the finish, there was a headwind so I tucked into his draft and tried to recover which was stupidly hard as he kept on ratcheting up the pace to drop me.

2009 was 1 year after the Beijing Olympics. At the Beijing Games, Jan Frodeno, Bevan Docherty and Simon Whitfield were fighting for the race win. I still believe that Simon had the win in him. He probably was the fastest sprinter of the group, but I believe Simon may have made his move too early. It looked like he went well outside the 200m to go mark. That's way too far if you just look at the pure science of duration that you can use fast twitch fiber.

Really, we only have about 10 seconds to use our anaereobic fast twitch system and after that the game is over.

Meanwhile I was hanging on to Dave for dear life as he kept picking up the pace. I just tried to get smaller and smaller inside his draft and I noticed that I had a leg up. I had sheet metal screws screwed into my soles for traction, and he was running in what looked like trail shoes.

Soooooo.....I estimated when we were around 15 seconds of running from the finish and sligshotted out of Dave's draft to see if I could create a small gap and then just hold it for 10 seconds. With my "better traction" it worked.

Anyway, thanks to the picture of Dave's tights, that's the story of my one and only ever race in overall, which I did not achieve out of superior fitness. I think there were several athletes far fitter than me. After a bunch of rounds of doing the winterlude tri in all of its crazy formats, I figured out that logistic and tactics of this race are the number one place to make gains (or not bleed away much time).

I took this mindset further the next year. In 2010 at the Ironman World Championships and 70.3 World's I was the combined T1 + T2 world champion in 45-49. I figured that this was a leg of the race that I could have the world's best splits at because you don't need to be genetically blessed to "win that race". And being T1 + T2 world champion is almost like swimming 5 minutes faster than the swim stud who squanders that time away!!!!

Adam's tactics of posting pictures is working...that's my 2nd submission recently after a long hiatus (posting about my rather slow swimming events is probably uninteresting to most triathlon focused readers).

Devashish  Paul

 Rick Hellard   (General Comments)
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The cover picture date? not sure. Sorry, can't help with that one.

I have not done the race in quite some time and since I don't usually count in the results, I don't show up in the listings of the various year.

Remember, Early Bird registration closes on Dec 15th. You'll still get your travel mug, it will simply cost a bit more.

Happy training folks.

Rick Hellard
Please Share the Road

Ottawa's most experienced Triathlon Coach

ROC Swimming
Trek Bikes, Bushtukah Great Outdoor Gear
Triathlon Ontario Certified Coach
Triathlon Ontario Sanctioned Club

Winterlude Triathlon, Feb 2nd, 2019
Meech Lake Triathlon, July 6th, 2019
GCWCC Wellness Challenge 5k, Oct 10th, 2019
Cyclosportif Perth, Sept 21, 2019

 Denis Morel   (General Comments)
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“It almost didn’t happened “

Everyone has a story behind their picture, so, send them in to Adam.
They don’t have to be participants, they could be while volunteering. Without volunteers, there wouldn’t be any races.

I have many pictures both volunteering and participating. Choosing this picture, it is my most memorable one.

Even before knowing what a triathlon was, and watching the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii, on Wide World of Sports tv program said I “ Would love to do that “. I could sort of swim, bike and run, but, did not know the distances.
At the age of 31, after being in Kingston for 6 years, wife and me were in town and noticed runners, running down Princess St.. I asked what was going on, someone said it was the Kingston triathlon. The next year, 1991, I registered and enjoyed it. Then, a couple of years later, the signing up for the Esprit Iron distance at the Esprit, in Montreal, happened. That is where I first met our very own, Rudy Hollywood and everyone knows, Marc Roy, yes he did an Iron Distance back then. I was so excited after this race, that another one would have to be on my bucket list. It wasn’t until 1999, that my very good friend, Dave Maskel, whom with him, completed 5 Rudy Awards, had signed me up for Ironman Canada, in Penticton, BC.
After that race, I got hooked. Then in late 2011 or early 2012, someone mentioned to me about the new Legacy Lottery that Ironman opened up for those athletes who have done 12 or more Ironman triathlons. At that time, I think I had 24 of them. It wouldn’t be until April you would find out if chosen. The day arrived and noticed my name about 3/4 down the list. Didn’t know what to do, but, it was an only once in a lifetime deal.
Our very good friends, Joan and Rudy Hollywood said they would accompany us in Hawaii.
Here I am living my dream, with all those fit bodies. Anyone who knows me, I do not fit in that category.
I knew it would be a tough day, but, got her done. As you can see in the picture, it was a very emotional finish. At the finish, Apparently they ran out of finisher medals. They said they would send one in the mail. As I was sitting there, with no food left, there were others with medals, who have finished after me.
Like I said “ It was a story that happened but almost didn’t happened “
Well, there’s a good ending in this story. Somehow, I think Joan had something to do with me receiving my medal, the next day. My wife Elke, had planned to surprise me with renewing our vows, with my medal.
Joan and Rudy were by our sides.
“ If I can anyone else also, can “

Denis Morel

 manny agulnik   (General Comments)
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8 days and 7 nights accommodation with buffet breakfasts

Mostly 4**** hotels

Daily luggage transfer between hotels

Total distance 195 km on mostly very quiet ISLAND roads.

From $1180 per person double occupancy.

Cycling in Madeira, does that work? Of course you have concerns about this too, seeing that the island is of course a well-known walking paradise!
We can however assure you that it works very well! On wonderful panoramic roads, you will cycle around pretty much all of the island. In the places where it is too mountainous, our transfers will help you out.
You can enjoy a summer like climate on Madeira island all year around as well as the exotic flora and fauna.
On this route, you will find wonderful parks and gardens, still bays and spectacular cliffs. But you don’t miss out on culture on this tour either!
This Portuguese island was settled in the 15th century in the centre of the Atlantic and left behind magnificent quintas and monumental fortresses.
Spend a wonderful week on this flowery island!
World Cultural Heritage site landscape, old sailor culture and above all the hospitable Madeirans will delight you!

Available to cycle ALL year long.

This was one of the ALL year cycle tour destinations that we featured in our December e-newsletter that is sent out once a month.

For more information on this tour or for other winter cycling destinations, please check our website OR
email OR

Our January e-newsletter will feature a number of Portuguese cycling both hybrid and road bike plus walking tours. Many operate all year long.
As would have it, our January free presentation evening in cooperation with Portuguese Tourism will be next month.
Information below:

We say bem-vindo (or 'welcome') in January for our Portugal night. With many cycling and hiking options and a long travel season, Portugal is the perfect getaway spot. Held in conjunction with the Portugal Tourism Board, join us to discover the Mediterranean lifestyle and countryside, and why you must go! This information evening is being held on Tuesday, January 15 in the Richmond Room of the Ottawa City Hall at 110 Laurier Avenue West in Ottawa. The presentation starts at 7 pm, doors open at 6:30. Sessions are free but registration is required. Please email to register.

Free parking in the Ottawa City Hall parking garage after 6:00 pm

As a final note we can fly you from Montreal or Toronto to Porto or Lisbon Portugal from $878 (taxes in) return with a stopover to change planes or stay a day or more in Ponta Delgada Azores (about a five hour flight to Ponta Delgada). No extra cost to stay over in the Ponta Delgada hub or you can switch planes to continue to Madeira or Frankfurt as examples.
Great service and easy flight for travellers.
Email us to chat.

We are TICO licensed travel agents specialising in cycle, hiking and adventure tours worldwide. Over 600 suggestions on our website and many more available.

manny agulnik
2006 City of Ottawa Bruce Timmerman Award Winner

 Genevieve Harvey   (For Sale/Rent)
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Garmin 910 XT watch. Perfect for triathlons! The screen has light scratches but they don't compromise the watch functionalities at all. These scratches have been there since the week after I bought it new. Works really well. Comes with charger.
Genevieve Harvey

 Shannen Oxley   (For Sale/Rent)
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Red Triathlon Bike: Time Machine Eclipse
In great shape! I am selling it because I have another bike that I use more, and I cannot justify keeping it any longer.
This is a great bike, and is the perfect gift for Christmas! I also have a pair of size 7 shoes, with clips, to go with the bike- only used twice!

Message me or email if you would like to come take a look or would like more details! I have my bike trainer set up, so you can come try the bike out before purchasing.

Bike Details:
Frame size: Medium 51-53" (fits anyone 5'2-5'5)
Components: Shimano Ultegra

Shannen Oxley
Shannen Oxley

 Annie Jean   (For Sale/Rent)
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perfect condition
size US 9 and euro 42
Fits NNN bindings
Annie Jean