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Congrats to everyone who participated in the Loppet this weekend. Great weather for it!

Was good runner so ignored swimming (Devashish  Paul)
Runner's Web Digest - February 15, 2019 (Ken Parker)
CycleFitCHICKS - Early Bird Reg Until Feb 22 (CycleFitCHICKS- Women's Cycling Club)
For Rent: Lac Philippe Cabin Available March 2-3 (Kathy Riley)
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Miami Marathon (Allison Christie)

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 Devashish Paul   (General Comments)
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OK, now I have done two Technosport swim meets and somehow ended up in the lane beside Lynne Marshall in the 100 fly and she may as well give me a head start such that I dive in off the bulkhead at 25m to make it a good race. That's how good she is (or can we say that's how bad I am ).

To Lynne's point of respecting that I am trying (kind of badly, but its better than zero) to improve as a masters swimmer. Like most kids who can "run" (you're either one of those kids in elementary school or not....there is some natural selection where runners are first born and then made), I took to that sport fairly easily. In sprints in elementary school, I was always the first kid to 20meters and usually to 50m and 100m. By high school, I was always still first to 20m, but I was barely 5'1" until I had my "massive growth spurt" to all of 5'6" 135 lbs dripping wet, so when my high school Usein Bolt equivalent friends wound it up, I felt like I was going backwards at 75m.

And although my sprinting career was stunted by my growth (and it turns out lack of real fast twitch muscle fiber), from soccer I had developed enough slow twitch and since my Indian dad would not drive me to any sporting events or practice, I was riding my bike all over Montreal to get to sports practices and events, so I developed a good aerobic capacity.

Before my first tri I could barely cover 50m without stopping to do breast stroke. I built up to 100m free, 25m breast and repeated that for 500m. Then I figured I could do my first triathlon in Kingston in 1985.

Surprisingly I beat multi sport and multi time Olympian Pierre Harvey out of the water in that tri (he must have been really bad, I survived with no wetsuit in something like 38 minutes for 2K, not really sure how I went "that fast"....maybe the course was short).
Pierre had already raced in road cycling inn the 100K TTT at the Montreal Olympics as a 19 year old, then was a domestique for Steve Bauer's silver medal at the LA Olympics....which was preceded by the Sarajevo Winter Olympics in 1984 and followed up by the Calgary Olympics in 1988 which was followed up by the Hollmenkollen 50K world cup gold when all the Russians were on the back side of their blood boosting at Calgary.

In any case, Pierre passed me going up Fort Henry like he had a motor. He went on to pass the entire field (I believe he caught Rick Hellard late in the day) with a 48 min 15K run.

So now I had done my first tri and was hooked and I needed to figure out all these sports.

I got to talk to Pierre for quite a long time after the race. Given that he was reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally baaaaaaaaaaaaad in swimming and beyond supernatural at biking and running which of course was a much higher performance clone of what I was, I figured that if I wanted to get good at tri, I better do everything that Pierre does.

Sooooooo for the next 30ish years, I ran a ton, I cycled everywhere I could, and I learned how to ski from nothing at all (eventually made myself into the Gat loppet A wave and top 30 in one race, and managed to win the Winterlude tri when I think all the fast guys had bad days and I had great tactics).

But.....I have to say, my swimming was neglected as sport where I just wanted to limit my losses to stay competitive in my age group. I was on the typical 2x-3x triathlete program, relying on my wetsuit as a paddle board to get by. And I was world champion in combined transitions at 70.3 Worlds and Kona in 2010 (so why kill myself swimming when I could make back all my gains and more by being a world transition champion).

So I never gave swimming its due. Until I could do no other sport and I could only swim. I already knew I enjoyed it, but it seemed the payback for time in the pool was not worth it in triatlon.

But now I really love it. It's like oxygen for me. A day withtout swimming feeling like I am not alive. It's a highely technical sport where there are no shortcuts and to some degree like in any sport your body actually changes to do the movements. This can't be achieved on 2x per week. You need a lot.

These days I am swimming ~10 hrs per week in all 4 strokes in varying degrees of "badness" compared to lifelong swimmers. My sister once asked me in my 30's what will I do when I can't run and I said, "probably when I am 65 I will really get into swimming" seems bike accidents moved that schedule up by 15 years.

In any case, someone asked me what it was like to pretty well finish last in all my swim events, to which I responsed, "hey my placements are around the same as tris....lots of 7ths, 4ths, 8ths, and a few thirds and seconds and even the odd first....the difference is that there are not 400 people in my age group racing....there are maybe 3-8 in each event and they are all faster than me....but at Nationals last year in the 200 fly, I was bronze medalist in 50-54, and I actually had to beat ONE guy to get that damn medal....out touched him at the wall and beat him in the last meter in Phelps vs Cavic replica" You take what you can get.
Devashish  Paul

 Ken Parker   (General Comments)
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Friday's Digest topics:

1. Heat Slows You Down. Even When It's Not Real
2. The Risks of Relative Energy Deficiency in Sports
3. Athletic recovery science is murky at best, but that’s no reason to ditch the ice baths
4. More on the age-elite athlete thing, you all rock, plus “My most interesting” links for you
5. Marathon-Specific Workouts to Break Training Monotony
6. The Science Behind Maximizing Your Winter Run
Make the most of your next cold-weather workout with these 5 expert tips.
7. We Bust Our Butts to Make the Most of Our Training—It’s Time for Researchers to Aim for Excellence, Too
A group of vocal exercise scientists is calling for reform in the field. Here’s hoping they get it.
8. Can Running in Extreme Cold Permanently Hurt Your Lungs?
9. Superfood Shakedown
10.. Sports Drinks Are Overhyped. But They Work
11. Exercise May Help to Fend Off Depression
Jogging for 15 minutes a day, or walking or gardening for somewhat longer, could help protect people against developing depression.
12. Fueling Tips To Maximize Your Training
13. Semenya appeal case mixes science, sports, gender politics
14. Bigger is Better: How a Runner Can Build a Huge Aerobic Base
15. Disconnecting Calories From Exercise

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Which of the following workouts do you incorporate into your training on a regular basis?
1 Long Runs 203 (15%)
2 Tempo Runs 181 (14%)
3 Hill Training 163 (12%)
4 Pace Intervals 173 (13%)
5 Speed Intervals 172 (13%)
6 Running Drills 153 (12%)
7 Pilates, Yoga, etc. 142 (11%)
8 Other 127 (10%)
Total Votes: 1314

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Ken Parker
Ken Parker
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 CycleFitCHICKS- Women's Cycling Club   (General Comments)
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Enjoy the EARLY BIRD Rate of $200 ($25 off) Until Feb 22

As a female cyclist it can be scary getting on the road by herself.
If some of the testimonials resonate with your current cycling situation, join us this year!

We'd love to share some great TESTIMONIALS from some of our members.

I think it is absolutely brilliant to have a Cycle Club that dedicates itself to getting more women out cycling in a group and provides opportunities for each rider to improve her skills - thank you Sylvie! The Group Leaders for the Beginner's Group were all very Exceptional! They effectively provided helpful instruction, support and challenges all at the same time. As a beginner Beginner, I absolutely loved my first summer with the Cyclefit Chicks!

2017 was a hugely transitional year for me, joining CycleFit Chicks and doing their group ride program was the best decision I made for myself. I met so many incredible and inspiring ladies who taught me and supported me not only in terms of Cycling skills but also to become a better person.

The Cyclefit Chicks group enables women of all skill and fitness levels to be part of a group of cyclist who are dedicated to improving fitness, group riding skills, and enjoying the social aspect of like minded women.
CycleFitCHICKS- Women's Cycling Club
CycleFit CHICKS Women's ONLY Road Cycling Club.
Where Beginners are Wanted and Experienced Cyclist are Challenged
Location: Ottawa/Hull/Gatineau/Chelsea
Sponsored by: Bicyclette De Hull, Euro-Sports, Isagenix-Sports Performance Supplements, D'Aoust Training Systems COACHING, The CUBE Gallery and Gregory K. Pang-Barrister & Solicitor.

 Kathy Riley   (For Sale/Rent)
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Anyone interested in taking over our two night rental March 2nd-3rd?

3km ski in, sleeps up to 10 people, $284.00 per night
Kathy Riley

 Robert Kennedy   (For Sale/Rent)
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Men's High End Road Bike. Please look online for reviews to see what the experts say about this beautiful road bike.
Robert Kennedy

 Allison Christie   (Race Reports)
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I ran the Miami marathon on January 27. The race is a beautiful, mostly flat course, with a very festive and relaxed vibe overall. If you are keen for a racecation to a fun city, and are okay with training through the winter, then I would recommend Miami.

The weather for the race was looking to be really rainy (40-50mm) and windy, but in the end, the rain stopped before the race started. The weather was overcast with wind gusts, and 21C. I had a notional goal of 3:45, but given the big swing in temperature between Ottawa and Miami, I did not have my heart set on achieving it. I planned to start out with my goal pace and see how I felt with the temperature (and if things went sideways I could probably run another marathon in the spring). I managed to stay fairly consistent, despite some pretty strong headwinds on the causeways, and I really enjoyed the race. My time was 3:44:04 (BQ, yay!)

The course is scenic, quite flat (except for the causeways) and the race is very well organized. Aid stations were great, lots of them, with water and Gatorade, and many had pretzels, bananas, pineapple chunks, gels etc. Great volunteers and very safe with excellent traffic marshalls. Probably my only complaint would be that the corrals are a little chaotic. The half and the full start together, and it is dark at the 6am. I suspect there were a lot of people that didn't really know where to put themselves. However, I found some space and managed to settle in to a good rhythm within the first 2k, and I didn’t have any issues with crowds after that. It was a very friendly field, with many participants having travelled from all over the world. Everyone gets their country flag on their bib which made for great post-race conversation in the hotel. Fun postrace party with lots of food. Beautiful medal too. We stayed in downtown Miami right near the start/finish which was super convenient for the race (especially given the 6am start), and easy to get around to explore the city and the beaches after the race. We flew into Miami and it is really easy to get downtown by transit from the airport.

Training for a January marathon is certainly challenging. November was cold and rainy, and the snow came so early to Ottawa this year. But I was usually lucky for my long run days, and in the end I liked having a schedule to stick to during the busy holiday season. Not everyone would, but it worked for me this year.

Allison Christie

 Adam Says: Congrats on a great race and the BQ!