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"Let us love winter, for it is the spring of genius."
-Pietro Aretino

Today's image is from the 2005 Winterlude Triathlon. The story is NOT unknown this time! It can found here

SRAM AXS - explained (N Flanders)
OMG.....apps and craps ! (Michael Abraham)
DOWNHILL CLINIC FOR XC SKIERS (David  McMahon & Lise Meloche)
WINTER TRIATHLON PRIMER (David  McMahon & Lise Meloche)
Runnersweb Digest - January 17, 2020 (Ken Parker)
8wk Indoor Winter ROAD CYCLING- Starts Feb (D'Aoust Training Systems Sylvie D'Aoust)
CycleFitCHICKS- SPRING Social Info & Registration (CycleFitCHICKS- Women's Cycling Club)
For Sale: Classic cr-co ski boots (Marie-Christine Bédard)
For Sale: Bont Riot TR+ cycling shoes (new) (Aimee Sutton)


 N Flanders   (General Comments)
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I realize this is a triathlete site, so I’ll try and soften this as much as possible....

As a SRAM AXS XX1 Mountain groupset user, the AXS app allows the scientific data that is mostly useless - BUT - the data that the triathlete ‘type’ personality lost their mind over.

You program in what components you have. It connects.
Then you can actually customize what gear options you are using.

Upon completion of your ride, you can look at your Quarq power data, shift data, how much time you spent in EACH gear, the number of gear changes, number of times the droper post was activated and so on.

Same applies for the road group, with the exception of dropper post info - duh.

So, data weenies rejoice.
It has nothing to do with being hackable. The app doesn’t control your components.
It’s like a Garmin.

OMGBBQWTF but what if they hack into my Garmin?!?!?!!?!?!?one?!?!?!


Ignorance is bliss Mr. Gebara.

Di2 doesn’t give you this offering.
SRAM mechanical is awful, but their electronic offerings are next level.

Hidely Ho Neighborino’s
N Flanders

 Michael Abraham   (General Comments)
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Last Friday's post by Michael Gerbera is indicative of so much in society these days. All geared towards squirrel-like consumers who were in diapers or grade school the last time we actually focussed on producing and selling products with REAL function and quality robustness. Instead now, a product's worth is predicated on goofy bells, whistles and shiney lights...mostly useless but the "cool factor" is what millenial designers and marketeers get all giddy about.

You see it everywhere, your cars dumbing you down trying to think for you, crap products that can link to a billion other crap products, but seem to have difficulty performing it's basic functions.

Listen to a voice on a phone call today vs. one from 1950. You tell me which one has better clarity. We have to go to second world countries to get products and services with real function and utility now.

Progress - haha. I wonder if G-man still reads TriRudy and has something to say on that.
Michael Abraham
Go Hard !

 Adam Says: Where's G-man when you need him?? I miss those days!

 David McMahon & Lise Meloche   (General Comments)
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Fri 24 Jan 2020 – Winter Triathlon Training Clinic (SHORT DISTANCE) XCSKI (SKATE) SNOWSHOE, P2 (Relais Plein Air), Gatineau Park

PRACTICAL (Light Group Workout with Technical Instruction)
10km Ski
5km Snowshoe
Followed by indoor session and cafe
Sport Specific Training and Technique
Equipment and Clothing
Bring all your own equipment.

Sun 26 Jan 2020 - Natural Fitness Lab Winter Triathlon Training (LONG DISTANCE) XCSKI (CLASSIC/SKATE) SNOWSHOE, ICE SKATE P19 (Lac Philippe) Gatineau Park

David  McMahon & Lise Meloche
Centre of Excellence for Outdoor Sport and Adventure

 David McMahon & Lise Meloche   (General Comments)
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Downhill Clinic for Cross Country Skiers
Thursday 6:25pm, 30 Jan 2020, Camp Fortune
FREE for Natural Fitness Lab Members
$10 for drop in.

Meet in front at main lodge at 18:25hr and we will head over to Paradis hill.

Are you afraid of downhills, plough the trail down to the gravel and often leave a big holes along the way? Are your friends nervous around you? Lose easy time during a loppet or ski marathon? ... We will fix all that.

The lab's annual downhill nordic skiing clinic will prepare you for any downhill. Tune your agility, balance, and confidence in a pragmatic and safe environment.

The focus is on safety, efficiency, and performance.

Learn critical survival skills descending hills on cross-country skis.

We have reserved a complete downhill run just for you.

As a bonus we will also drastically improve your efficiency climbing.

Bring headlights. Use skate skis or classic but remove the grip wax.

Supper in the Camp Fortune Lodge afterwards.

If you show up, then you agree to our general waiver.

David  McMahon & Lise Meloche
Centre of Excellence for Outdoor Sport and Adventure

 David McMahon & Lise Meloche   (General Comments)
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Winter triathlon is a multisport event. One of the early Olympic events now making a comeback.

The International Triathlon Union version of the sport, consists of 12km of ice skating, 8km of cross-country skiing and 5 km of snowshoeing. It is called winter triathlon S3, because the three sports start with an S (skate, ski, snowshoe). The first ITU event was held in Quebec, Canada in February 2015. However, the Winterlude Triathlon is the oldest established winter triathlon in Canada. The winning time is typically under one hour in fast conditions, but this can stretch to a couple of hours in soft snow conditions and hilly terrain.


You will typically need:

• Skate Skis, Boots, Bindings and Poles (use biathlon straps so you can get in and out of them quickly)
• Clip-on ice-skating long blades (hockey skates are way too slow on the ice and regular speed skates are to slow in transition)
• Racing snowshoes (light race regulation. Have your shoes already strapped into the snowshoe)
• Studded trail running shoes (you will need the traction on snow and ice)

Choosing what to wear can be half the battle. There are three sports involved and over-dressing major problem for many first time racers.

If the format is skate-ski-run/snowshoe then you are going to want to shed layers of clothing because the sports heat up. Skiing is twice as warm as ice-skating and snow-shoeing running is twice as warm as skiing.

Clothing needs to be a athletic fit (no flapping in the wind), lightweight, warm and stretchable so as not to impede motion.

• A xc racing ski suit is the best choice and wear an extra thin outer layer for the ice-skate, that can be easily removed. You can also wear clove covers or over mittens for the skate.
• Underwear should consist of thin layering with less coverage on the legs especially below the knee. Don’t forget the wind proofing.
• Attach a toggle on all clothing zippers and boots so you can easily grab with gloves
• Use quick release shoe laces
• Non-fog flip-up xc ski goggles work well
• Wear a buff to cover parts of the face. Don’t cover your mouth. Place it over the top of toque not under.
• In extreme cold, cover your cheeks and nose with athletic tape.


There are a number of transitions depending upon the sequence of events and sports. Each has their unique character:

• Ice-skate to Ski – is pretty straight-forward. Start using arms more in the final minutes of the skate. As you come in, to transition zone, remove clip-on blades run with skis to trail and attach skis. Start skiing away while you are putting poles on. Stretch-out legs and make use of arms to take some of the load off the legs.

• Ski to Run/Snowshoe – This too is quite fast. Remove hands from poles just before you arrive at trasnition zone. Take off ski boots and put on running shoes/snowshoes. Think about increasing cadence and hand kicking the heals up.

• Run/Snowshoe to Ski – This one is a bit tougher. Change out of running shoes and into ski boots and skis (a bit more involved). You may feel uncoordinated initially skiing and your legs a bit flamed, Try to recover legs by leading tempo with the arms

• Run/Snowshoe to Skate - The transition is a bit longer. Change out of running shoes and into ski boots and clip on skates (a bit harder). This time down-cadence with the legs. Coordinate long full strides.

• Skate Ski to Ice Skate – Super easy. Clip out of skis and clip onto blades. Modify the free-skating technique from snow to proper ice skating technique.


Practice the Ski – Snowshoe/Run – Ski transitions in bricks by combining ski-run and run-ski workouts.


It goes without saying that you need to train all three sports leading up to the event for success. At the very least, build fitness in one sport and develop technique in all three.

Many people approach winter triathlons from a different background. I am lucky to have a competitive background in ice skating, skiing and running/snowshoeing.

• It you are predominately a runner, then it is important for you to focus in ice-skating and ski technique, and to a degree ski specific fitness
• Skaters are at a disadvantage and will need to concentrate on running fitness and skiing technique.
• A xc skier has general fitness but they will need to pay particular attention to running. There is some acclimation to ice-skating.


A solid training volume leading up to the event would be 8-15 hrs per week between all the sports combined. Emphasize quality over quantity. Follow typical exercise methodology of: consistency, specificity, volume and duration, intensity, periodicity, cardiovascular, muscular and skill components

A typical training week would consist of two (2) intensity sessions, one (1) medium distance tempo workout,
one (1) easy long distance session to build endurance, and three (3) easy recovery and healing sessions where you also work transitions and technique. Some of these workouts can be done as bricks (two sports).

The complete winter triathlon event targets effective functional threshold (1hr) across three sports.
A great workout is (3x20min @ threshold with 2 min recovery). You can do this in one sport or transition to multiple sports.

You should also target the fitness required in individual sports whose duration is 15-30min. Recommended High Intensity Intervals are:

• 2x10min r5min,
• 8x3min r2min,
• 16x1min r1min


One of the biggest easy advantages you can give yourself is working on xc skiing and ice skating technique. Take a lesson.


These events are short duration and weather is cool, so rarely does one need or have time for in-race feeds. Eat breakfast and ensure that you are well hydrated the night before. Whatever you have for supper the night before or breakfast the morning of the race, be sure to practice it in training.


Let’s look at some basic strategies in the event:

• Ice skate – stay relaxed. Maintain good form and aerodynamics. Take long full strides. Too many folks thrash like hockey players going for the puck. Unless you plan to lead from start to finish, draft behind the pack. Be aware of pack tactics and don’t miss an attack and get dropped by yourself.

• XC skiing – It is a sprint but use good technique. Find the right tempo and complete the motion with full extension. Ride a flat ski. Breath

• Run/snowshoes – Pick up the cadence, kick-your heals up. Push to exhaustion if it is the last event.

• Transitions – Stay calm. Practice with gloves and frozen shoes and high heart rate.

Winter Triathlons are a lot of fun. Three sports and two transitions. Your position can change multiple times.
It will be over very quickly. You will have crossed the finish line before you know it.


We are offering a winter triathlon clinic and training opportunities in addition to our regular ski/snowshoe training and lessons:

Fri 24 Jan 2020 – Winter Triathlon Training Clinic (SHORT DISTANCE) XCSKI (SKATE) SNOWSHOE, P2 (Relais Plein Air), Gatineau Park

PRACTICAL (Light Group Workout with Technical Instruction)
• 10km Ski
• Transitions
• 5km Snowshoe
• Followed by indoor session and cafe

• Sport Specific Training and Technique
• Transitions
• Strategies
• Equipment and Clothing

Sun 26 Jan 2020 - Natural Fitness Lab Winter Triathlon Training (LONG DISTANCE) XCSKI (CLASSIC/SKATE) SNOWSHOE, ICE SKATE P19 (Lac Philippe) Gatineau Park

Bring all your own equipment.



Natural Fitness Lab is a centre-of-excellence for outdoor athletes and adventure.

We are dedicated to creating significant opportunities for healthy outdoor lifestyle, promoting natural fitness, physical literacy and inspiring long-term athlete development through direct grass-roots community involvement and global campaigns for gender and age equality in sport, multilingual, multiculturalism, accessibility, science education, leadership and coaching.


Tue 10:00 xc ski training
Tue 18:25 xc ski training
Wed 18:25 Snowshoeing (Free)
Sat 09:00 xc ski training
Sat 14:00 xc ski lessons ($10 drop )in
Sun 09:00 xc ski tour/distance

Snowshoeing and skiing leave from a different location and route every day. Details are posted on our practice schedule.


We also offer personal training programs, private and semi-private lessons.


The principals of National Fitness Lab - Dave McMahon and Lise Meloche first met on the National Biathlon Team and formed a lasting personal and professional partnership centred around sport. Lise and Dave raced World Cup Biathlon, Cross-Country Skiing and Snowshoeing for Canada, and compete professionally in trail running.

Lise raced two Olympic games and 200 World Cups; winning 7 medals, including four (4) Golds. Shoe raced for Canada on the World Cup in cross-country Skiing and Biathlon. In 2019, she won the Quebec Winter Triathlon Championship. Lise is a Kinesiologist, educator and professional certified coach.

Dave was a Canadian National Biathlon Champion, and Winter Triathlon Champion, and represented Canada at the World Snowshoe Championships and Cross Country Skiing and Biathlon World Cup Circuit. Eastern Canadian Mountain and trail running champion. In 2019, in placed 2nd at the Canadian Winter Triathlon Championship, Quebec Championship and 3rd in the Gatineau Loppet. Dave is a professionally certified coach and instructor. He has won the Winterlude triathlon multiple times.

Look them up in Who’s Who in Canadian Sport, Volume 3 1999 by Bob Ferguson ISBN 1-894282-00-0.

David  McMahon & Lise Meloche
Centre of Excellence for Outdoor Sport and Adventure

 Ken Parker   (General Comments)
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Friday's Digest topics:

1. What Artificial Intelligence Says About Running Form
2. This protein mimics the benefits of exercise: 3 high-protein foods to
eat for weight loss
3. Here’s Why Athletes Love to Suffer
The effort paradox explains everything from mountain climbing to buying
IKEA furniture.
4. Carbs Aren’t Just for Before Races—They’re Essential for Recovery, Too
Your prerace diet isn’t just about fueling to avoid hitting the wall.
5. Is There an Ideal Weight for Running?
It’s a delicate balance, but what’s most important is knowing the
healthiest ways to find your magic number.
6. Why You Should Measure HRV Through the Off-Season
7. Running in Harmony: How to Periodize Your Year, and Lifelong Career
Why runners—starting in youth—should schedule peaks, breaks and variety
into their running year.
8. Fasted Training May Have Long-Term Risks, Especially For Female Athletes
Training in a depleted state could have different effects on female
athletes and male athletes. But for everyone, it comes with potential risks..
9. Can Women Outperform Men in Ultramarathons?
10. The fruit-veggie paradox
11. Women in Sport: 5 Misconceptions About Exercise, Fat and Carbs Among
12. Run a First Marathon, and Your Arteries May Look 4 Years Younger
Training for and finishing a marathon can leave arteries more flexible,
healthy and biologically younger than before.
13. Fitness: A healthy — and well-timed — diet fuels muscles of master
14. Should you really just ‘drink water to thirst’?
15. How Burnout Syndrome Can Cause an Irregular Heartbeat
Pushing yourself too hard too fast can affect your ticker in a major way.

Which of the following workouts do you incorporate into your training on a
regular basis?
* Long Runs
* Tempo Runs
* Hill Training
* Pace Intervals
* Speed Intervals
* Running Drills
* Pilates, Yoga, etc.
* Other

Which of the following magazines do you read or have you read in the past?
1 Runner's World 494 (21%)
2 Running Times 372 (16%)
3 Track and Field News 250 (10%)
4 Inside Triathlon 187 (8%)
5 Triathlete 208 (9%)
6 Canadian Running 221 (9%)
7 iRun 200 (8%)
8 Triathlon Magazine Canada 142 (6%)
9 220 Magazine 174 (7%)
10 Other 144 (6%)
Total Votes: 2392

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Ken Parker
Ken Parker
The Running and Triathlon Resource Portal
Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest,
Instagram and Google Plus

 D'Aoust Training Systems Sylvie D'Aoust   (General Comments)
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It's time to get ready for the SPRING.
Don't be left behind, because you didn't start your cycling training early

Guaranteed to see a huge difference in your Cycling efficiency and how fast you can become a better more efficient cyclist and HILL CLIMBER.

ALL of this
What is included in your 8wk Program:
Cycling Coaching 12hr worth $960
Basic Cycling Program Worth $120
4mo GYM Program for cyclist Worth $250
1 MAP Tests Worth $80

8wk $199 + $25 for the first V02 Max Test

8wk program starts the week of Feb 3


Learn to train with your HRT Zones and power (WATTS)
Weekly training session.
REVAMPED Gym program for Cycling
Basic 16wk weekly cycling program
We will be conducting two MAP (maximum aerobic power) tests, in order to track participant’s progress over the 16wks. The MAP tests will take place on these weeks: 14.
The first MAP test is to determine participants Heart Rate Zone, for the purpose of the 16wk program, the last to track improvement over the 15wks
Full facilities (shower)All fitness levels welcome and encouraged to register, BUT be ready to work HARD, to achieve your cycling goals
SCHWINN bikes with power
FitMetrix App and data collection
In class challenges
Class length 1:30hr

YES, this program is for MEN, as well as WOMEN.
D'Aoust Training Systems Sylvie D'Aoust
Level 3 National Road Cycling Coach
FIGURE Competitor
Personal Trainer
SPORTS Nutrition Consultant
Powered by Isagenix
NEW Ambassador for LOGICA SPORTS -Briko Helmets, Diadora, Biemi

 CycleFitCHICKS- Women's Cycling Club   (General Comments)
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CALLING all ladies who like to RIDE BIKES


But in the meantime, join us at our Club Social this Spring.

CycleFitCHICKS- SPRING SOCIAL Information and Registration night
April 22 @ Meredith Centre in Chelsea, Que
April 23 @ Decathlon Sports Store in Ottawa

Curious about the club?
We invite you out to our Spring Social and Information night.
Listen to our presentation on what's new in the club.

Register - Attend - WIN Prizes
GRAND PRIZE. Someone will win back their membership

Deadline for Registrations May 2.

Please FOLLOW us on Social Media.

CycleFit CHICKS Women's ONLY Road Cycling Club.
CycleFitCHICKS- Women's Cycling Club
CycleFit CHICKS Women's ONLY Road Cycling Club.
Where Beginners are Wanted and Experienced Cyclist are Challenged
Location: Ottawa/Hull/Gatineau/Chelsea
Sponsored by: Fresh Air Experience, Euro-Sports, Isagenix-Sports Performance Supplements, D'Aoust Training Systems COACHING, DECATHLON and Gregory K. Pang-Barrister & Solicitor.

 Marie-Christine Bédard   (For Sale/Rent)
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Women’s recreational classic cross-country skis boots. Rossignol X3 size 40, NNN. Warm, comfortable, good ankle support. Laced inner boot plus zippered closure. White and grey. A few years old but lightly used. $45 or best offer.

Marie-Christine Bédard

 Aimee Sutton   (For Sale/Rent)
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I have a pair of triathlon-specific cycling shoes for sale. New, never worn. Purchased online and they are too small.
Bont Riot TR+ Size 39 but fits like 38
Colour: Pearl White/Black
See here for details:
Asking $100

Aimee Sutton