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for Wednesday Oct 13 2010
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Stores selling Historic Gatineau Park Ski Map (Charles Hodgson)
Free Trail/Chi Running Session 12:00-1:00PM Oct 24 (Michael (Mike) Stashin)
PowerCranks??? (Wesley Belanger)
Team Triumph Swim Practices start this week! (Julia Aimers)
Ottawa Fall Colours Run 10K - THANK YOU!!!! (Karine Fournel)
Fall Colours Duathlon Thanks to all that helped me (Brent  Pellett)
Free Chi Running Skills Development Sessions (Michael (Mike) Stashin)
XC Ski Swap and Show (David  McMahon & Lise Meloche)
X-Country Skiing - Gatineau Park Grooming (jacques bourbeau)
Corinna Wong (Lisa Balerna)
Free registration contest - Only 3 more days (Gabriel Proulx)
Toward a more cycling-friendly Ottawa (Cycling Vision Ottawa)
"How did the human race appear?" (Joan Hollywood)
Upcoming Local Running Events (Glendon Pye)
For Sale: 2010 Specialized Tarmac Comp (joe barnes)
For Sale: bike trainer (Barbara Campbell)
For Sale: Mizuno Wave Nexus 4 womans size 9.5 (Jenn Ross)
Bike Cargo Trailer (Terry Hind)
East Coast Cycos Bi Rite Newsletter ... from Doug (Rudy Hollywood)

Welcome to
 Steve Findlay        Ottawa 


 Charles Hodgson   (General Comments)
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The 1967 ski map with all the old trail names marked on it has now been printed.

It is for sale at the Canadian Ski Museum on the 3rd floor above Trailhead (1960 Scott St. in Ottawa) and during hours the Museum is closed, at Trailhead.

Fresh Air Experience and Bushtukah are also selling the map on behalf of the Museum and MEC has a copy on display.

The price is $49.99 with all proceeds going to support the Canadian Ski Museum (a registered charity so there is no HST).

Those people who've already bought online can save the shipping fee if you pick your copy up at the Ski Museum, or can expect mailed copies to start arriving later this week.

This limited edition printing celebrates 100 years since the founding of the Ottawa Ski Club and for copyright reasons the maps will not be retailed after October. If you know someone who refers to Gatineau Park ski trails by names like "Frank's" or "Burma" or "Booth Hill"; if you know someone who'd like a Christmas present showing "top of the world" and "missing link" NOW is the time to buy.

To recap
Maps can be bought at
The Canadian Ski Museum
Fresh Air Experience
and online
Charles Hodgson

 Michael (Mike) Stashin   (General Comments)
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Natural Fitness Lab ( together with and Efficient Coaching Inc. ( will be hosting a free Trail Running/Chi Running clinic at the Gatineau Park Visitor’s Centre parking lot (33 Chemin Scott, Chelsea, QC, 819 827-2020). Directions included below.

The clinic will introduce the techniques used by Chi Runners when faced with uphills and downhills and how to deal with diversified trail obstacles and terrain. No previous Chi Running or Trail Running experience is necessary. Natural fitness labs will also host a trail run immediately following at 1:00 PM.

Questions? Contact David McMahon and Lise Meloche (, Eric Collard ( or Mike Stashin (

Directions from downtown Ottawa:
Facing Parliament Hill, turn right on Wellington Street, then turn left on Sussex Drive. Take the Macdonald-Cartier bridge to Hwy 5. Take Highway 5 north to exit 12 (Old Chelsea). Turn left onto Old Chelsea Road, and continue for 2 kilometres (1.25 miles). Turn right onto Scott Road. The Gatineau Park Visitor Centre will be on your left.

Michael (Mike) Stashin
Certified ChiRunning/ChiWalking Instructor

 Wesley Belanger   (General Comments)
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Hi folks

I am just looking for some quick feedback on PowerCranks, thoughts, opinions and recommendations. I have a regular indoor training session planned for the winter and thought I could really benefit from incorporating PowerCranks. I have read some of the material on the official site and a few articles but wanted to hear more first-hand experience before putting out some cash (they are not cheap). Let me know what you think; thanks.

Wesley Belanger

 Julia Aimers   (General Comments)
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It's time to get ready for next season and start building on the swim stroke which you took to the races last year. Team Triumph Ottawa is a triathlon club for Newbies to Ironman triathletes. At this time of year stroke improvement and endurance is emphasized.

Join one swim or two or drop-in anytime. Come for a free trial and see what you're missing!

Canterbury Pool

Wednesdays 1:00-2:00pm

Fridays 6:30-7:30am


Start: Oct 13/15
End: Feb 2/4

Cost: $364 (2 swims/week) plus HST $411.32

$210 (1 swim/week) plus HST $237.30

Drop-in: $20 plus HST $22.60 per swim

(2 week break: Dec 21-Jan 4)

The website is under construction so please contact me for more details.

Julia Aimers
Personal Best
Fitness & Lifestyle Consulting
Team Triumph Ottawa
NCCP Triathlon, Cycling and Swimming Coach

 Karine Fournel   (General Comments)
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I'd like to thank Somersault, the sponsors and of course all the awesome volunteers for this wonderful race!

This is my third time racing this race (one 5k and two 10K including this weekend's race) and it is by far my favourite race. I won't lie, it's a tough course (at least for me) there are some good hills to climb (and swear at) but the weather and especially the colours make it all worth it! (For those thinking about running this course don’t forget your hill training, a lot of people where surprised that there was so many and some didn’t do any training.)

This was my first race in four years (last one being this 10k race in 2006 where I PB'd at 1:12:17). After getting married, having my wonderful little boy and getting back into running, I took my time to train properly and I couldn't think of a better race to check out what I was made off.

On that beautiful, sunny and crisp Sunday morning, I received a wonderful gift; my awesome co-worker/coach/Ironwoman extraordinaire Jennifer Ethier surprised me by running the race with me. We set the pace and went for it. I came in at 1:11:21 my brand new PB! I could not have run the last 2k without her! She got me to surpass my limit. I tuned out everything except her screaming after me to giv’er in the last km, to go beyond the pain and fatigue! I left everything on that course and I am absolutely thrilled with my result. Even though I was aiming (best case scenario) for a sub-1:10 I know that on a flatter course I can do it and how can you not be satisfied with a PB on a hard course? I’m even seriously contemplating training for the Half Marathon in May 2011.

Also, this is a great family event, there is the cutest 1k Turkey trot for the little ones but there are also farm animals and a play area for their and your enjoyment. Next year, I am definitely bringing my son to race and to play!

Again, thank you everyone for making this race a success and thank you Jen for pushing me and most importantly believing in me, you are a true friend!

Karine Fournel

Karine Fournel
Karine Fournel

 Brent Pellett   (General Comments)
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On Saturday I participated if the Fall Colours Duathlon in Cumberland. Prior to my race while I was putting air in my tires I broke the stem off of the rear tire.

I have been racing mostly Somersault Events for the past 5 years now and have never encountered any problems with my bike and therefore have never learned to do basic maintenance such as changing a tire. I approached Christine and asked her about the bike tent that is usually set up at Somersault Events and needless to say there was a minor mix up and they were not going to be at the event. Christine was excellent and immediatley got on the phone and made arrangements for her personal bike to be picked up and brought to the race so I could compete. I attended the transition zone and with the help of volunteers located a gentleman named "Greg" who gave me a tube and refused to take anything. Another fellow racer Michael Martin changed my tire for me and I was able to race with my own bike.

I wanted to extend a personal thank you to Christine and the Somersault Staff for making sure I was able to compete one way or another. I also wanted to thank Greg and Michael for taking time out of their pre race rituals and ensuring that my bike was ready to go.

This reinforced why I choose Somersault as my main series to compete in.

Thanks again to all.

Brent  Pellett

 Michael (Mike) Stashin   (General Comments)
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Free Chi Running Skills Development Sessions Starting Thursday October 21st

These sessions will take place indoors from 8:00 to 9:00PM on Thursday nights at the Albion Heatherington Recreation Centre, 1560 Heatherington Road Ottawa, ON (613) 247-4828. Click the following link for map:

Please bring indoor running shoes that will not mark the soft cork surface of the recreation centre’s gymnasium floor.

There will be no charge and anyone is welcome regardless of Chi Running knowledge or running ability. The sessions will have very little actual running and will consist mostly of light drills designed to help with your form.

Each session will only focus on a single aspect of the Chi Running technique. If you are new to Chi Running and are not sure whether it's for you, our recommendation is to first read the book "ChiRunning: A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless, Injury-Free Running" available at Chapters, Amazon or the Chi Running web site You can also take one of Eric Collard's Ottawa Chi Running workshops designed to provide a complete hands-on overview of the Chi Running technique. Information on Eric's workshops can be found on his website at

If you are interested in the sessions or have any general questions or questions on application of the technique, don't hesitate to contact Mike Stashin at or Eric Collard at Session updates will be posted on

Michael (Mike) Stashin
Certified ChiRunning/ChiWalking Instructor

 David McMahon & Lise Meloche   (General Comments)
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Put this on your calendar.

Chelsea Nordiq will be hosting one of the largest ski swaps and shows in the area 06 Nov 2010. Sell and buy ski gear. Get great deals on new equipment too. All the ski stores, vendors and clubs will be there. Attend expert seminars on ski selection, waxing and training.
More details to follow later.
David  McMahon & Lise Meloche
"Living and coaching natural fitness through clean oxygen fed sport."

 jacques bourbeau   (General Comments)
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For those of you with long memories, I posted an entry on Tri-Rudy last winter, indicating I was going to file a complaint with the NCC Ombudsman regarding the poor grooming of cross-country ski trails in Gatineau Park. The posting touched a nerve, because I received dozens of e-mails from people who have been complaining to the NCC and are frustrated by the lack of response. At the time, I promised I would provide an update to my complaint. Given the ski season is now around the corner, I thought I would provide that update.

When I filed my complaint with the NCC Ombudsman, I included dozens of e-mails that have been sent to the NCC about poor grooming in the Park, to highlight the fact that I am not alone in my dis-satisfaction. Reading the complaints, some common themes soon become apparent. Poor grooming techniques, snowmobiles constantly running over groomed trails, the NCC's handling of complaints, and inaccurate information about trail conditions. The Ombudsman was quite helpful, and took my complaint seriously. It took a few months, but she finally arranged a meeting between myself and 2 NCC staff members with responsibility for Gatineau Park. After the meeting, I cannot say I am encouraged that we will see any drastic changes in trail maintenance.

In presenting my case, I went through the problems with the grooming practices, the complaints that the NCC web site does not accurately portray the actual trail conditions, and that the NCC’s handling of complaints is inadequate.

Here is what I heard in response to my case. I was told that the sales of cross-country ski passes have been increasing year by year, and for the NCC, this is an important metric in measuring customer satisfaction. They have concluded that because people still buy passes, everything is relatively hunky dory.

They told me they have received numerous complaints (if my memory serves me correctly, it was somewhere north of 300), but they did not seem to be too concerned by this volume of complaints.

I spent a great deal of time asking them what they do when they get a complaint. Do they assess it? If they think it raises a valid issue, do they pursue it with Demsis? And if they do pursue it, what do they do to ensure the problem is not repeated. I also asked who on their staff is monitoring Demsis’ performance, and what do they do when they find that performance lacking. I really didn’t get anywhere pursuing this line of questioning.

I didn’t get a lot of engagement when I raised specific problems. Overall, I got the sense they acknowledge that this is an issue they have to deal with. But I did not get the impression they think this is a serious problem.

I put forward the idea of establishing some kind of advisory committee of skiers, to provide on-going feedback to NCC staff about grooming issues. I also suggested some names of local people who have a good deal of knowledge of proper grooming techniques, who might be able to provide them with useful information. They did not rule this out, nor did they actively embrace these ideas.

They did talk a great deal about the need for better communication. I pointed out this would only be effective if they also worked to improve grooming in the Park. Otherwise, all they would be doing is better communicating the fact that on many days, the cross country ski trails are not in very good shape.

I would note that the NCC is holding 2 meetings in October, and have invited a cross-section of the cross-country ski community to discuss the winter trail program in Gatineau Park. I see this as a positive development, and hopefully the beginning of an honest dialogue between the NCC and the winter users of the Park.

So here are the challenges I think we face. First, if you buy a season cross-country ski pass, the NCC believes you are happy with the current state of grooming in the Park. I think there are a number of us who don’t fit into that category, and it would be worthwhile to find out just how many, and communicate that fact to the NCC. So a web site will soon be set up. If you are buying a season's pass, and are unhappy with the state of grooming in the Park, I would encourage you to visit the web site and add your name to the list. I think this would be the most effective rebuttal to the NCC’s argument. (And if anyone has any suggestions about the nature of this web-site, please contact me. I will be posting the web address, once it is on-line.)

The second issue is a bit more difficult to address. The problem, as I see it, is that we give our money to the NCC to gain access to the cross-country ski trails. The NCC in turn uses that money to hire a contractor to maintain the trails. When there are problems, it is the NCC that has the contractual and monetary relationship with Demsis, not the cross-country skier. So we have to rely on the NCC to deal with Demsis when there is a complaint. From what I have been able to gather, the NCC has simply abandoned that duty. I found little evidence that when it is presented with a valid complaint, the NCC acts as our advocate, and deals firmly with Demsis to ensure the problem is rectified. So how do we, as a cross-counry ski community, take back that economic leverage? If we complain to the NCC, and they don’t exert pressure on Demsis on our behalf, what avenues can we pursue to make sure Demsis actually improves its performance?

I don’t have a web site, so I don’t really have a venue to carry on a public discussion of these matters. For the moment, if you want to weigh in on this issue, or have suggestions, please e-mail me at

I will provide further updates when warranted.

Thanks…..Jacques Bourbeau

jacques bourbeau

 Lisa Balerna   (General Comments)
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Hi Corinna!

Can you please email me at You don't have your email listed on trirudy.

Congrats to all the Ottawa - Gatineau area athletes that competed at IM Hawaii - impressive dedication - impressive results. I certainly enjoyed this year's live coverage. I look forward to reading your race reports.

All the best,
Lisa :)

Lisa Balerna
Thanks to my 2010 sponsors for their support:
New Balance Ottawa ~, Yoga, Westboro Physiotherapy ~,Rangewood Flooring ~ Hardwood Specialists (613) 882-1546, CEP socks ~, GU Energy ~, Louis Garneau ~, Flash-5 bars ~, Bike Fitting ~, Bando Promotions ~
Ottawa Athletic Club ~ and proudly support Somersault

Member of OAC Racing Team

"You can't fake confidence, you have to earn it.
If you ask me, the only way to do that is work. You have to do the work". ~ Lance Armstrong

 Gabriel Proulx   (General Comments)
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I`d like to invite readers of Trirudy to enter a contest on where you could win a free marathon or half marathon entry. Visit the website and click the red banner at the top to enter the contest. Spread the word and invite your friends to participate via Facebook or via e-mail.

While on our website, take a look at our products. We are an Ottawa based company offering a yummy recovery drink that mixes in your coffee. You can join our page on Facebook here;

Gabriel Proulx
I started my day with a Caffe Di Corsa

 Cycling Vision Ottawa   (General Comments)
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World renowned expert Jan Gehl was in Ottawa last week to talk about making cycling and walking part of a more liveable city. Last Wednesday October 6th he made a public presentation to a standing room only audience. If you missed it, here's a 90 seconds video version by Sun editor and columnist Kris Westwood.

Cycling Vision Ottawa
Cycling is for Everyone

 Joan Hollywood   (Jokes)
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A little girl asked her Dad, "How did the human race appear?"
The Dad answered, "God made Adam and Eve and they had children, and so was
all mankind made.."
Two days later the girl asked her mother the same question.
The mother answered, "Many years ago there were monkeys from which the
human race evolved."
The confused girl returned to her father and said,
"Dad, how is it possible that you told me the human race was created by
God, and mom said they developed from monkeys?"
The father answered, "Well, Dear, it's very simple. I told you about my
side of the family and your mother told you about hers."

Joan Hollywood

 Glendon Pye   (Announcements)
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Just a quick note about two Ottawa running events coming up in the next couple of weeks. First, the Jim Howe Cross Country Run is taking place this coming Sunday, October 17, 10 am at the Hornet's Nest in Blackburn Hamlet. Second the Cookie Run will be taking place on Saturday November 6 at 10 am atthe National Research Council grounds on Montreal Road. Event details and registration links (Jim Howe closes at midnight on Friday) go to .

Volunteers are always welcome.
Glendon Pye

 joe barnes   (For Sale/Rent)
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I am selling my Large (56) 2010 Specialized Tarmac Comp. Full carbon fibre frame with shimano 105 groupo and ultegra rear derailer. i have upgraded the wheels to a ultra light set of easton EA 90 SLX with ceramic bearings and schwable ultremo R1 rubber ( almost $2000 ) . i work at a bike shop and this bike has been well taken care of. the wheels have about 200 km on them and the frame has about 2000 km. it also comes with a polar computer and heart rate monitor. I would be able to do a fit for the purchaser of this bike.

thanks for looking

joe barnes

 Barbara Campbell   (For Sale/Rent)
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Tacx trainer, never been used.
Asking 400.00
pictures available.
Barbara Campbell

 Jenn Ross   (For Sale/Rent)
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I recently purchased these shoes and they are simply not the right shoe for me. They have been worn 4 times only and are basically brand new. I can email photos if you want.
Jenn Ross

 Terry Hind   (Wanted to Buy Items)
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Looking for a sturdy bike cargo trailer.

Please respond to or call 613.729.5253
Terry Hind

 Rudy Hollywood   (Other Comments)
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The secret of discipline is motivation. When a man is sufficiently motivated, discipline will take care of itself." - Sir Alexander Paterson

Chris McCormack celebrates as he crosses the finish line in the Hawaiian Ironman.

Brisbane’s Mirinda Carfrae celebrates her win.

Coach’s Comments

With Al away I have pulled one of his articles from the archives:

Good swimmers make it look easy. Swimmers who get into the sport as adults often analyse it to death. We read articles in newsletters, magazines, on the web, we watch the World Champs and Olympics on TV looking for the secret.

The secret is simple, start swimming when you're 8-10yrs and do it for fun. Do whatever the coach tells you without questioning it and go for it.

For those of us who didn't get started that early.

* Check out the better swimmers in our own squad. Chances are, they're not stronger than you. So strength is not that big an issue. You do have to be specifically strong but it's more a strength endurance sort of strength which develops as you do more of it.

* One thing our better swimmers have is the ability to hold their technique together as they tire. Again this comes from regular swims and longer swim sessions.

* Doing lots of drills will help teach the body which way is the most efficient way to move through the water. But we must develop the ability to switch off the control used in drills and "just go for it" By time we have spent 3-6 months practicing a certain movement, our body will know what to do without too much direction. Once the movement is learned, swimming fast is not like "threading a needle" it is more like "throwing a ball". When you thread a needle, you concentrate intently on "doing it right". When you throw a ball, your focus is on the target, not the throwing action.

* Natural swimmers have a balance in the water. They often are slow when they have to do "catch up" or "pull and bands", but take away the "toys" and they are much faster than those around them. They know the "switch" When a dog chases a ball, he doesn't think about footfall, stride length, breathing or any other controlling thoughts. He just focuses on the ball.

* Every session we have some drill work, some fast work and some easy warm up and cool down swimming. Learn to turn the switch. In the warm up search for the balanced feel in the water, simple thoughts eg. "how does the water feel on my hand, can I feel it". "Do I feel like I'm laying on an air mattress floating on the water" Then when we do drill work, listen to the instructions instead of talking to those around you, there'll always be "something to focus on". Then in the faster work, aim to be thinking about the effort being done (in a fifty, see yourself getting to the other end as fast as possible, only aware of the "feel of the water on your hands")

* Core strength is really important, our ten minute session three times a week is just enough to keep on top of it. But only if you do the movements perfectly (many don't) If you suffer from lower back pain after long swim sessions, lack of core strength is usually the reason. To be the best you can be, you most likely need more core stability work than what you get in the squad. A strong core will help you achieve that balanced position in the water.

So in an average workout you would be turning the switch on and off several times. Then next time you race you'll stand at the start line ready to switch off all controlling thoughts. You won't need to control your stroke because all your body knows is perfect technique, because that's all it ever does.

No Race Too big – No Race Too Small

31 October 2010 Port Macquarie Half Ironman
Julie Hamilton, Marty Rees

14 November Shepparton Half Ironman
Scott Hunter

31 October 2010 – Noosa Tri
Scott Hunter, Darren Dillon + wife

5 December 2010 – WA Ironman
George Hulse, Deepak Raj, Julie Hamilton, Marty Rees, Paul Barnes, Peter Girvan,


Follow this routine to recover from long runs.

By Jim and Phil Wharton

Long runs are the centerpiece of marathon training. But the key isn't just how you run them--it's also how you recover from them. Muscles regenerate and get stronger during the rest period after hard bouts of exercise. So in order to run well and stay injury-free, we recommend the following recovery routine. Work it into your schedule after every long run of 18 miles or more.

Hydrate: Drink eight to 16 ounces of sports drink, which replenishes electrolytes and minerals lost through sweat.

Change: Your body needs to cool down; putting on dry clothes (even just a fresh top) will help your body regulate its temperature.

Reload: Consume a mix of carbs and protein within 15 minutes after a run to jumpstart muscle recovery. Our personal favorite: hemp protein powder mixed in juice.

Shower: Warm water relaxes the nervous system and helps your body readjust its temperature.

Stretch: Doing our flexibility routine within an hour of ending a run boosts circulation, which aids recovery.

Refuel, again: Once your stomach has settled, eat a meal with a balance of carbs and protein to replace your glycogen (energy) stores and rebuild damaged muscle. Our post run staple is quinoa, a whole grain high in protein.

Get horizontal: Naps are ideal, but you'll benefit from even a 15- to 30-minute break with your feet up (promotes circulation, relaxes heart rate).

Cool down: In the evening, soak in a cool or cold bath for 10 minutes to aid muscle recovery and prevent soreness the next day.

Self-massage: A sports massage can be too intense post-long run; kneading your own muscles helps you regulate your comfort level.

When should I drink water, fitness water, or sports drinks?

Dr. Lewis G. Maharam

Fitness waters and vitamin waters are lightly flavoured alternatives to plain water, sometimes coloured and often enhanced with electrolytes, sugar, vitamins, and minerals. They were created in response to research showing that many exercisers don’t drink enough fluids during, before, and after workouts. Companies reasoned that active people might be more likely to drink a flavoured, coloured beverage than plain water, resulting in better hydration.

Are fitness waters and vitamin waters better for you than plain water? The added electrolyes, sugar, vitamins, and minerals may help with post-exercise muscle soreness. Other than that, the main reason to choose a flavoured water is if you are more likely to drink it than plain water.

Fitness and vitamin waters are different from sports drinks. They contain only about 10 calories per 8-ounce serving—compared to 50 or more calories per serving in a sports drink—and thus are not optimal for fuel replacement during a long workout or race or on a hot day when you lose electrolytes through sweat. Drink fitness or vitamin water when you would typically drink plain water, such as during a workout of less than a half-hour or a 5-K to 10-K race on a cool day. Stick to sports drinks when you need to rehydrate and refuel for performance during longer workouts (half-hour or more) and races, or on warm days when you’ll be sweating profusely.

Three ways to indulge in this rich treat without guilt.
By Liz Applegate Phd

No doubt, you're as happy as I am that chocolate is good for you. Research indicates that flavanols, the compounds found in cocoa, have antioxidant properties that help mop up the damage done by free radicals. These same compounds also relax artery walls and keep blood platelets from sticking to your arteries, thus reducing your chance of heart disease. (Too bad the serving size is 1.5 ounces--or about the size of a 1/3-inch stack of business cards--and not the whole bar.) To choose the healthiest chocolate, here's what to look for on the label.

Percentage of cocoa: The amount of cocoa can vary from 10 percent to as high as 94. Generally, the more cocoa, the more flavanols, although processing methods can lower flavanol levels. Aim for a bar with a minimum of 35 percent cocoa.

Calories: Most chocolates contain 220 to 280 calories per 42 grams, or about 1.5 ounces, so eat sparingly.

Ingredients list: Quality chocolate is made with cocoa butter and milk fat. If vegetable oil or hydrogenated oil is included, skip it.

Fat content: Look for zero trans fat. Total fat can be as high as 20 grams per serving because the more cocoa in a bar, the more fat it will contain.

Two bars you can love guilt free

Dove Rich Dark, $1.99 Strong chocolate flavor with a pleasingly creamy consistency

Cadbury Royal Dark, $1.59 Pleasant, nutty notes and a smooth texture

Hug Your Kids

Rudy Hollywood
Rudy Hollywood
sponsors by: (TriRudy ChampionChips) available through; Rudy Project Eyeware; Madshus skis; Guru bike; Avocet Tires, Somersault events, Saddles Cycleometers, Cyclelogik, and TriRudy clothing through The Cyclery.
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