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for Friday Oct 15 2010
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RE: DEMSIS GROOMING @Mike Caldwell (James Sauve)
Power cranks-pulling up and arterial endo-fibrosis (Brent Atkins)
XC ski grooming in Gatineau Park (ian stewart)
** XC OTTAWA : First Snowfall Contest ** (Craig Storey)
RE: OAT withdraws triathlon from 2012 OSG (Iain Baxter)
9RunRun (Karen von Jagow)
Triathlete Amongst Chilean Miners (David Gerrard)
CALEDON SETS A RECORD ..... (barrie shepley)
What is a calorie? (Joan Hollywood)
Sports Medicine Physician (John Glenn)
Female volunteers needed (Jill Stapleton)
Registration for the 2011 Boston Marathon (Ben-Zion Caspi)
Triathlon Coach Training Course (Nathalie Belanger)
For Sale: Giant TCR Avanced SL 2009 small (daniel turcotte)
Sram Red LTD tour edition - now taking orders (Michael at
For Sale: Rudy Project Aero Helmet (Craig deVeer)
For Sale: ZIPP 404 (Erwan Peres)
49cm Kona Zing - $700 (Steve Wyrozub)
Giant Hybrid Bike (Bryan  Higgins)
For Sale: Tacx Satori Trainer (Garry Mellan)
K2 Radical 90-W Rollerblades (Dusan Hoferek)
For Sale: Compact Crankset (Ian kirby)
For Sale: Sports Jackets (Ian kirby)
HED Jet 6 Wheels (Carl Wilkins)
For Sale: Stevens Team SLC Road Bike (William  Keeler)
For Sale: Brand New Fulcrum Racing Zero Wheelset (William  Keeler)
Wanted to buy (Jean Magne)
Canada's "Down East" Newsletter ...from Jacques (Rudy Hollywood)


 James Sauve   (General Comments)
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"I know as Canadians many of you won't agree with my approach. But think about it, what if we ALL did it this way. What would the NCC say then? I'm confident they would be much more diligent in overseeing and managing Demsis and the daily ski conditions. "

Or more likely become more diligent at making sure people pay to use the trails regardless of how well they are groomed.
James Sauve
The plural of anecdote is not evidence!

 Brent Atkins   (General Comments)
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Iron wes's power crank inquiry is prompting me to warn everyone out there in tri-rudy land of a potentially harmful training method that can lean to serious detriment to you athletic performance in the longer term.
Let me first tell you a bit about Arterial kinking and arterial endo fibrosis of the iliac arteries herinafter refered to as AK and AEF for the sake of saving on keyboeard time.
AK and AEF occurs mostly in cyclists (tri-atletes are cyclist to)and it results in a reduction of arterial blood flow to the working muscles of the legs.It is believed by the experts in the field that hypertrophy of the ilio-psoas muscle is a major contributing factor to this arterial injury in combination with the trunk flexion required for aerodynamics in cycling.AK and AEF also occur in rowers and speedskaters although the % are lower-but the commonality is obvious.
I have both conditions in both legs and have only recently been diagnosed in the last two years.The condition ended a very promising cycling career for me in the late 1980's.
I have found several other local athletes,both cyclists and tri-athletes who have this condition and have had surgery with varying degrees of success in restoring blood flow.
The symptoms vary from numbness and toe tingling to muscle pain and cramping to the sensation of max effort lactic acid build-up at low exercise intensities depending on the severity of the blood flow restricion.Symptoms may disappear quickly with reduction of exercise intensity or even postural change-ie less bending at the waist and hip.
Most sport med doctors have never heard of this and will misdiagnose as a nerve injury as was my case and two pointless surgeries.

Experts in the field warn against coaching athletes to pull up on the pedals to develop an even power stroke and smooth spin as the risk of arterial injury far outweighs the percieved power benefit of pulling up on the pedals.Studies show that pro cyclists with velvety smooth pedal style DO NOT pull up on the pedals in normal pedalling.Co-ordination is the key to a smooth pedalling style not bulking up the comparatively small hip flexor muscles.
Don't take my word for it just because I have the condition -read what the experts have to say and decide for yourself.
If you think you may have a flow restriction from AK of AEF a simple non-invasive blood pressure cuff test and doppler ultrasound can often determine if you have a flow restriction.

The experts are Doctors Bender and Schep.I will e-mail the article as a PDF to anyone who cares to read it.Sorry I do not have a link to the WHOLE paper just yet.If I can find it on the web I'll post a link.

Brent Atkins

 ian stewart   (General Comments)
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Note the huge effort that Jacques made in order to essentially be ignored. My brother took Jean-Paul Murray's approach & pestered the hell out of them with daily pictures & condition reports. It paid off. A meeting was arranged unfortunately only I could go. René Bellhumeur, another park official both from the NCC & the manager from Demsis were in attendance. I gleaned some very important insight into this situation. Listed in no particular order;

- The Demsis claim (in fact he said this to me at least 5 times) that the people grooming are the same as when Ladler had the contract is not true. Only 3 with Demsis were with Ladler. I met all 3. Extremely dedicated and taking great pride in their work. Their only concern was getting the job done well. I got a ride in a groomer & witnessed the issues of damaging tillers due to low snow & rocks on the trails. I even drove it for a while, easy enough on a flat level trail but certainly more experience was needed when the trail angle changed. I would have made some horrendous ridges on the overlap pass.
- I was told (not by the manager) who the 3 groomers who worked under Ladler were & more importantly that it takes about 1 year, yes ONE YEAR for a driver to become proficient. Proficient means no ridge in the middle of the trail among other problems.
- The money from ski passes does not cover the actual contract for grooming. Now the contract is not just grooming but year round maintenance for the entire park.
- Ms. Bellhumeur tried to paint a picture that the passes don't cover the grooming costs but neglected to mention that Treasury Board states that a successful user pay programme recoups about 35% of the cost. The other NCC official made an excellent case (when we were alone) that this threshold was easily met.

Mike Caldwell mentioned NCC catering to the money but the NCC gets cash from the federal government. What the NCC is really concerned about is bad publicity and paranoid about liability issues. The liability concern is why they had the recent meetings with mountain bikers about illegal trails/structures that a bunch of teenagers built. Oh and true to form they screwed that up also.
- I raised the point that the NCC did not verify that Demsis in fact met the contract terms thru regular inspection. No staff/time was the answer. I believe the new financial accountability act will be a great lever to pry solutions out of the NCC in this regard.
- A collective shrug when I mentioned the language of the contract, should instead of shall, if possible, maybe please if you want to bother. OK I made the last one up but you see the point. I have trouble believing that this contract was tendered thru PWGSC (Federal government contracting arm) because of all the optional language.

So what did this little exercise tell me?

- The NCC takes the path of least resistance when administering contracts.
- They continue to ignore legitimate concerns.
- They misrepresent facts (OK they lie)
- They are completely two faced. Example, The Jacques mentioned that the NCC received about 300 complaints but weren't concerned because the sale of passes when up every year. Well they kind of have a captive audience vis a vis XC skiing. When I was dealing with the NCC trying to get more access for mountain bikes I was told most emphatically that 1 compliant represented 500 people who didn't complain. Let's do a little math. 300 X 500 = 150,000. Now we all know that this is silly but the NCC used it continuously to elevate the 1 or 2 complaints they received because it supported their position. Isn’t it funny how now the all important complaints aren't worth considering?

OK I can go on about the NCC and how they ignore users, skew the process, lie/spin facts but what are your options?

- Not being a national park the NCC CAN NOT charge you for access/skiing. I pay because I get a service but I know people who tell the attendants that they won't pay. The parking lot attendants really are there to fool people into paying. SO an option is for as many people as possible to NOT get a season pass but still show up to ski as they usually do but refuse to pay. Make sure to state why you refuse. I hold no hope of this because of general apathy from the sporting public.
- You could sign up with Jacques's website stating what concerns you have. This will create a database of questionable use. Will it force the NCC to do anything? My past experience dating back to 1992 says no. The NCC has already discounted 300 official written complaints.
- I think a better option would be to go to the NCC visitor centre EACH AND EVERY TIME that you are dissatisfied and fill in a compliant form.

The only thing the NCC will respond to is embarrassment, something that threatens their existence or protest on a large scale. People seem to think that they are dealing with Sears where the customer has a say.

I keep saying this and the only people who seem to get it are the ones who actually deal with the NCC and see how they operate. You can't negotiate with an entity that has decided already what the course of action is. Oh and they won't tell you. The fight has to be on our terms not theirs because of the NCC's closed loop complaint process.

The NCC closed loop process works as follows; We'll use gatineau park as an example. You file a complaint at the visitor centre, then you escalate this to the director in charge of that service. Next is the park director then the ombudsman, include the commissioners and the chair of the NCC. Now you are tired of being patted on head so you write to the minister responsible for the NCC. That would be the minister for Heritage Canada. You are then surprised to see that Heritage hands it back to the NCC to deal with. The loop is closed. Yes I know this because I’ve been there.

So piss and moan all you want diddly will happen until you get serious. How serious? Mad as hell seriuos, toss the TV out the window serious. Until that happens you're just a piker.
I'm not leading any more charges until I have sufficient ammunition to beat the NCC into submission. From what I've seen in close to 20 years my moneys on the NCC.

ian stewart
I may grow old but I'm never going to grow up.

 Craig Storey   (General Comments)
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Correctly predict the first snowfall in Gatineau Park, as recorded by the webcam and Win Prizes!

No purchase required, no fine print. To enter send an email to before midnight on Friday Oct. 15th with only 1 guess. Make the date unambiguous like 2010/12/08 at 13:45. Closest to the actual time wins. Complete rules at

Remember winter is right around the corner, but you tell us how close!
Craig Storey - Cross Country Ski Racing Team

 Iain Baxter   (General Comments)
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I would like to share my disappointment with the decision of the Ontario Association of Triathletes (OAT) to withdraw triathlon from the 2012 Ontario Summer Games (OSG). As someone who attended the winter version several times as a junior, I think it is a key event for the development of young athletes in our sport, giving them the opportunity to compete against the best athletes from across the province. It gives athletes an important long-term goal to work towards and serves as a stepping stone to national and international levels of the sport.

This decision is at odds with OAT's stated Vision, Mission, and Goals, namely those of providing leadership and support to developing young athletes. Please let them know what you think; I hope they will reconsider.

Iain Baxter

 Rudy Says: stupid... it's like shooting yourself in the foot

 Karen von Jagow   (General Comments)
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The countdown is on!

Join us as Stittsville plays host to the First Annual 9RUNRUN, the Ottawa Emergency Services' Half-Marathon & 3K Family Run/Walk on Saturday, October 23rd at Sacred Heart High School. Come and support the services that are always there to support you - Fire, Police and Paramedics. Members of these services will be out in full force to cheer, volunteer and run with the public. Lots of fun and surprises including a Chiefs' Chili Cook-Off, long sleeve technical t-shirts, great draw prizes, running along the Trans-Canada trail and a post race family bar-b-que.

It's not too late to sign up, but time is ticking as registration for both events will close this Tuesday, October 19th, at midnight.

See you at the start line!

Karen von Jagow
Volunteer Coordinator 9RUNRUN

Karen von Jagow

 barrie shepley   (General Comments)
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Dear Tri-Rudy readers. I've been coaching triathletes for nearly 30 years
and was pretty blown away with Claudia Johnston's 2010 Hawaii Ironman race.
She was a pleasure to coach this past year, and to fully appreciate that she
has 5 kids (2-14 years of age), works, volunteers and has limited financial
resources makes her accomplishment that much more impressive. Going sub
10hrs (9hrs 55 minutes), 3rd place in the hardest age category in Kona
(35-39) and beating many pros was truly incredible.
I know there are lots of very wise Tri-Rudy Historians out there. I
wonder if we could put a list together to see how many age Canadian women
have ever broken 10 hours in Kona (pro list and age group women's list). I
am sure the complete list over 30 years is pretty small. I know Claudia
wants to thank her C3 and PB team-mates (a big thanks to Sean Bechtel),
coaches and sponsors (Specialized, XTERRA, Kinetico, Merrell). Has any
mother of 5 EVER BROKEN 10 hours in Kona (pro or age grouper)?
Congratulations to Claudia on a season to remember.

Barrie Shepley
PB coach and Iron-admirerer
barrie shepley
Barrie Shepley from
Personal Best Health & Performance Inc.

 David Gerrard   (General Comments)
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This article from the Spanish newspaper "El Pais" says that Edison Pena, one of the trapped miners, was a triathlete who ran 10 kilometres through the tunnels every day of the ordeal "to combat anxiety".

There go all of my best excuses for not getting out to train.
David Gerrard

 barrie shepley   (General Comments)
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Dear Tri-Rudy readers. I've been coaching triathletes for nearly 30 years
and was pretty blown away with Claudia Johnston's 2010 Hawaii Ironman race.
She was a pleasure to coach this past year, and to fully appreciate that she
has 5 kids (2-14 years of age), works, volunteers and has limited financial
resources makes her accomplishment that much more impressive. Going sub
10hrs (9hrs 55 minutes), 3rd place in the hardest age category in Kona
(35-39) and beating many pros was truly incredible.
I know there are lots of very wise Tri-Rudy Historians out there. I
wonder if we could put a list together to see how many age Canadian women
have ever broken 10 hours in Kona (pro list and age group women's list). I
am sure the complete list over 30 years is pretty small. I know Claudia
wants to thank her C3 and PB team-mates (a big thanks to Sean Bechtel),
coaches and sponsors (Specialized, XTERRA, Kinetico, Merrell). Has any
mother of 5 EVER BROKEN 10 hours in Kona (pro or age grouper)?
Congratulations to Claudia on a season to remember.

Barrie Shepley
PB coach and Iron-admirerer

barrie shepley
Barrie Shepley from
Personal Best Health & Performance Inc.

 barrie shepley   (General Comments)
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Former Olympic Coach, Barrie Shepley has been concerned for a number of
years at the growing trend of inactive kids in Canada. He and his friends
at Personal Best and C3, decided to do something about it. Three years ago,
Shepley and his pals convinced Kinetico to sponsor 100% of the costs to let
every child participate in a local Running Festival. "Year one we had 600
kids, and in year 2 we wanted to set a national record and got 1008 children
into a running race" said Shepley. This past October, Shepley and Kinetico
have over 1100 kids cross the finishing line. "Every single child got a
free t-shirt, poster, finishers medal and post-race meal from our great
friends at Kinetico" said Shepley. "We didn't want finances to stop kids
from getting started and the generosity of Kinetico was truly inspiring"
said Shepley. In addition to having a record number of kids, the event
additionally filled the FOOD BANK with thousands of pounds of food for the
needy. The Caledon based C3 organization who hosted the event, also put on
a Kinetico C3 Kids of Steel Triathlon that regularly attracts over 800
children every May. Many sporting personalities showed up to volunteer
including Silvia Ruegger (Canada's fastest female marathoner), Jade
Scognamillo (youngest woman to ever swim across Lake Ontario at just 15
years of age) and Sean Bechtel (one of Canada's top triathletes). "Those of
us who are lucky enough to be involved in an endurance lifestyle already
know the benefits, our goal in the Kinetico Running Festival was to make
sure another generation of kids get to be exposed' said Shepley. Great
photos by Trent Dilkie can be found at

barrie shepley
Barrie Shepley from
Personal Best Health & Performance Inc.

 Joan Hollywood   (Jokes)
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Defining Calories:

Calories are the little buggers that get into your wardrobe at night and sew your clothes tighter


Joan Hollywood

 John Glenn   (Announcements)
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I am a new sports medicine physician starting a practice in October at the Westboro Physiotherapy Center. I am a qualified family physician and recently finished a third year fellowship at the University of Ottawa in Sports and Exercise medicine. I will be offering my services at the Westboro Physiotherapy Centre as well as at the Scotiabank Place in Kanata. I am looking for new referrals to establish my practice. Patients can self-refer, but a referral from a physician is preferable.

Services provided include:
- Treatment of exercise related musculoskeletal injuries
- Exercise prescriptions
- Concussion management
- Diagnosis and management of osteoarthritis
- Management of work related injuries
- Therapeutic injections


Dr. John Glenn MD, CCFP
Sports Medicine Physician

Westboro Physiotherapy Centre
411 Roosevelt Ave. Suite 304
Ottawa, Ont
Tel: 613 792-1166
Fax: 613 792-4824

PSI Sport Medicine Centre West
1000 Palladium Dr
Kanata, Ont
Tel: 613 599-0299
Fax: 613 599-0298

John Glenn

 Jill Stapleton   (Announcements)
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Hey Everyone,

The University of Ottawa's Human and Environmental Physiology Research Unit is looking for two female voluneers with the follow characteristics:

#1 - Age: 30-33, Height: 165 - 167 cm, Weight: 145 - 150 lbs and moderately active.

#2 - Age: 34-36, Height: 166 - 168 cm, Weight: 140-145 lbs and moderatly active.

You will be involved in a research study measuring whole-body heat loss responses during moderate exercise in the heat (35ºC).

You will also receive a free fitness evaluation including a VO2max test on the treadmill as well as a body composition test using hydrostatic weighing.

If you are interested and fit the criteria please contact Jill Stapleton at 613-562-5800 ext. 4270 or

Thank you!!

Jill Stapleton

 Ben-Zion Caspi   (Announcements)
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In case you do not know:

Registration for the 2011 Boston Marathon will open on Monday, October 18, 2010 at 9:00 a.m. (ET) and will be conducted online at The 115th running of the Boston Marathon will be on Monday, April 18, 2011: Patriots' Day in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

B.A.A. anticipates unprecedented interest in 115th running; field is expected to fill quickly.

It's getting to be like registration for North America Ironman, difficult.

So if you plan to race it register early.

Ben Caspi

No, I am not.

Ben-Zion Caspi

 Nathalie Belanger   (Announcements)
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A NCCP Coach Training Course – Community Ongoing Stream – will be offered in Ottawa on November 6 - 7, 2010. This course is tailored for adult triathletes and coaches of age group athletes. Interested? For more info go to
Nathalie Belanger

 daniel turcotte   (For Sale/Rent)
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Giant TCR Advanced SL, 09 size small (5'5"-5'7"), color carbon black,full Ultergra, Mavic Ksyrium Elite wheel-set, Shimano Pro Vibe7 bar,stem Shimano Pro LTD, Fizik Arione, ridden 1 season less then 1000km. Excellent condition.
daniel turcotte

 Michael at   (For Sale/Rent)
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We can't advertise the price but if you call or email you'll be pleasantly surprised. Delivery in two weeks. 8 pieces rode or 9 piece TT/Tri with RTC shifters.
613 422 5616
thanks michael
Michael at
sponsored by Prologue Bicycles, The Foodery, E&C Dal-Cin Constrution, Bob webber real estate.

 Craig deVeer   (For Sale/Rent)
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Beautiful Rudy Project Syton SuperComp Aero helmet. Complete with Bionic wings and Eye shield. Used a handfull of times for short Track events. Comes with cloth bag. Blue in colour with Rudy Grafix Size SM-M. $100.
Craig deVeer

19. FOR SALE: ZIPP 404
 Erwan Peres   (For Sale/Rent)
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ZIPP 404 Tubulars

Very good condition < 800 kms
Buy july 2009 Bertand Gatineau
Campy freehub (You can convert it for shimano for around 100$)

Continental competition for front wheel
Evo Corsa CX for rear wheel


1 brand new tubular Continental competition + tube of glue
Zipp QR

Very stiff and aerodynamic set of wheels, very strong to. for me theses wheels are fantastics.

So why I want to sale?: new team for 2011 and no Zipp allowed
Erwan Peres

20. 49CM KONA ZING - $700
 Steve Wyrozub   (For Sale/Rent)
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49cm Kona Zing road bike for sale. Hardly used, about 100km total and is in great shape (3-4 years old). 27 speed, lightweight Frame, Mavic Ksyrium Wheels with quick release, Selle Italia Seat, Shimano 105 components with FSA Crank, Contentental Ultra Tires, Pump and Tire Change kit. $700
Steve Wyrozub

 Bryan Higgins   (For Sale/Rent)
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For Sale: Giant Innova Hybrid

Frame Size: 19” (Would fit someone 5’6” to 5’11”).
Wheel Size: 700c.

21 Speed.

Shimano 200GS Components.

Comes with fenders and rear rack.

The bike was completely overhauled and tuned up. The bike is ready to be ridden.
Would be a great bike for commuting or winter riding.
New brake and derailleur cables, new tires.

Quick Release wheels and seat post.

Good quality full cro moly frame and forks.
Alloy wheels.

Selling for $150

I can email a picture if requested

Bryan  Higgins

 Garry Mellan   (For Sale/Rent)
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Paid over $400 less than a year ago and used it 4 months max. Looking to upgrade this year. Have pics if you want.
Garry Mellan
Garry Mellan

 Dusan Hoferek   (For Sale/Rent)
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These are like new (used less than 10 times) and are high end, fast rollerblades with 90 mm wheels (85A). These can be used in the marathons or simply recreationally (but at higher speeds!). These are women's size 7 (Eur 37). Please email for a photo. Cost new was $400 plus taxes. Best reasonable offer
Dusan Hoferek

 Ian kirby   (For Sale/Rent)
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Nearly new FSA Omega compact crankset including Mega-Exo bottom bracket. 50/34, black in colour with less than 100km of riding.
Ian kirby

 Ian kirby   (For Sale/Rent)
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2010 Men's Louis Garneau Enerblock Nordic jacket. Great xc-ski/bike/run jacket. Royal blue/black worn 6 times, size medium, $80. Sierra Designs Gortex coat. Heavy duty waterproof shell with attached hood. Green/black, used minimally, size medium. $80.
Ian kirby

 Carl Wilkins   (For Sale/Rent)
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HED Jet 6 Wheels (2010 model) for sale. Bought in June and ridden about 500km. Wheels are in great shape and have never been crashed or damaged. Come with valve extenders, HED skewers and Michelin Pro Race 3 tires. $1100.

Full description here:

Carl Wilkins
Carl Wilkins

 William Keeler   (For Sale/Rent)
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Stevens Team SLC size 56 Road Bike for Sale. Full Shimano 7800 Dura Ace. Ritchey Carbon stem and seatpost. Fulcrum Racing 1 Wheelset. Bike in like new condition. New over $6000 only asking $2750. Please email me for more info and pics.
William  Keeler

 William Keeler   (For Sale/Rent)
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Brand New Fulcrum Racing Zero 2 Way Wheelset with Brand New Michelin Pro Race 3 Tires. Shimano/SRAM Comp. New over $2000 only asking $1300...Email for pics and more info...
William  Keeler

 Jean Magne   (Wanted to Buy Items)
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Looking for a used full carbon tri bike a couuple of years old. Size Small (I am 5'-4" tall).If you are looking to upgrade, now may be a good time for you to sell.
Jean Magne

 Rudy Hollywood   (Other Comments)
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Velo Cape Breton eNewsletter
Vol 7, #36 - 14/10/10 - Take a Break and Look Back!
Produced almost every Thursday by Velo Cape Breton. E-mailed without cost or obligation to more than 1000 bicycle advocates around the world.

In this Edition
- Upcoming
- Cycling Advocacy
- Fall Sessions - CAN-BIKE Instruction
- Team Diabetes Ride in Vancouver
- Julie Curwin at the Ironman Hawaii World Championship Triathlon
- John's Pick - Hydration
- Different Spokes for Different Folks: The Rolling Crones
- For Sale / Wanted
- Credit to the Bicycle
- Wise Words


Can you believe it? We're into the last quarter of this year; less than 90 days until New Year?

For many it's a busy time, rushing, pushing, shoving things into place, trying to get ready before colder weather sets in, then Christmas and other holidays coming up quickly. Rush, rush, rush! Whew!

But woe!!! Fall is a good time to slow down and look back to what has been accomplished this year so far. Doing so help recharge, energize and increase our sense of competence and confidence.

Sit down, take a break. Write down what you have completed/created in the last 270 days or so. Write them all down - big, small, in between - write them down.

Then read over your list. Think about each result you created, one by one. You'd be surprised to see how much you've accomplished. Wow! that's a lot! Pat yourself on the back, pause and notice how you fell.

Good, I hope, Confident, I'll bet. Because confidence, true confidence, authentic confidence arises out of demonstrated competence - and your list is a demonstration of your competence.

A sries of "I did it, I did that..., " quickly leads to the realization that "I can Do!" And to a burst of confidence and energy that you can apply to new things that you want to do/create.

ed: above text adapted from Bruce Elkin, Oct, 13th, "Simply Success" eLetter


Velo Cape Breton is joining the Sydney’s Largest EVER Indoor CycleFest October 30th

The CycleFest is a fundraiser in support of the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign and the Y fitness program. It will bring together people of all ages and fitness levels to participate in a huge indoor cycling event. There will be 30 teams of 10 cyclists each spinning from 8 am to 6pm. Velo Cape Breton has volunteered to sponsor one of the spin bikes for the day. We need to raise $1000.00 and provide 10 riders to each take a one hour spin class. Sounds like a blast!

Here's how to get involved
1. If you want to be one of the ten team members contact team captain Andrée Crépeau( 539-9521, and get the pledge sheet. Team members need to make a commitment to raise at least $100.00. You can chose to join the spin class and get involved in the day's activities or just raise the money.

The 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. event will take place at the YMCA Gymnasium Saturday October 30th 2010. The organizers are planning to have lots of special events during the day and the media will be there. They also want teams to decorate their bike and wear costumes--- it is the day before Halloween! So get silly, get spinning, and support a good cause!

Where will the money go? The Y hopes to raise $30,000.00 minimum. $12,000 will be used to buy new spin bikes and $18,000 will go to the Strong Kids Fund. This fund is used to cover kids fees for camp, for swim classes, fitness classes, the hoops program. The Y has expanded it's kids program and has a policy of not turning anyone away--- so families that can't afford the fees either pay what they can or the fee is waived. YMCA has the most accessible programing anywhere contributing to a better society and a safer place to live.

by: Andrée Crépeau, VCB President.

A major goal of Velo Cape Breton is to improve cycling infrasture in our community. This work involves a number of Velo members attending meetings and more meetings, writing letters, acting as advisors and from time to time we have results. So I'm very happy to report that we have had some success.

First, the province has completed work on the section of the Sydney Glace Bay highway through Reserve. They have realigned the centerline of the road so that each side now has wider paved shoulder. While this isn't wide enough to be an official bike lane it improves the safety of cycling significantly. So hats off and thanks to the Provincial Transportation group.

Second, you may have noticed an ad in the Cape Breton Post seeking consultants to plan an Active Transportation trail from the Mayflower Mall to Glace Bay. This will be a 3 to 4 meter wide trail on the south side of the road. The trail will be used by cyclists, pedestrians and in-line skaters. When this trail is constructed it will be the first truly bike friendly infrastructure built by CBRM. It has the potential to change how people get to the university--as in more bikes and less cars. Cape Breton University is a partner in the plan and has agreed to vastly improve the cycling infrastructure on campus. Kudos to the CBRM planning, engineering and public works departments and to the adminstration of CBU.

Third, if you cycle on the Sydney Port Access Road (SPAR) you have probably already encountered the dangerous rail crossing in the area of Lingan Road. The CBRM has patched the pavement along the rail tracks. New and more explicit traffic signs will be installed this fall. And finally the municipality is investigating possible solutions which include widening the shoulders to allow cyclists to cross the tracks at a safer angle. Stay tuned on this issue.

Finally, during the discussions with the CBRM concerning the SPAR railway crossing it came to light that while we have been able to identify six accidents at this crossing including three requiring medical attention none of these incidents had been reported to the police. As cyclists we often feel that our needs are completely off the radar. To help change that mind set we as cyclists have to participate. If you have an accident caused by a road hazard report it--- call the traffic division of the police at 563-5103.


For the fall program, a new flexible formula has been adopted to allow those participants unable to put away one entire weekend (18 hours) for a CAN-BIKE II course to take it over two or three weekends. Course 1 starts THIS Friday, October 15. Course 2 starts Friday, October 22. Course 3 starts Friday, October 29. The course fee is $90, which includes documentation, Bicycle Nova Scotia dues, Velo Cape Breton 2011 Riding Membership and more. Also, when you take any adult CAN-BIKE course you are welcome to take the same course again as a refresher at NO extra charge.

So far, six people have registered for the Fall series of CAN-BIKE II courses.

CAN-BIKE is a set of nationally standardized courses that can be taught anywhere, anytime by nationally certified CAN-BIKE Instructors. Courses focus on recreational and utilitarian use of the bicycle rather than competition. CAN-BIKE participants will learn the five basic principles to keep them safe on the road; including lessons on how to do a safety inspection on their bike, how to use their gears and how to help other road users respect their place on the road.

At the end of the course participants are able to master techniques to give them confidence, even in busy traffic. They have learned the secrets of riding comfortably all day long, find out where the dangers really are, conquer the fear of fixing their first flat tire and in a few hours have learned what most cyclists don’t get in 20 years.

By the way there are still room for more participants. Should you wish to register for the upcoming session, come to ACAP Cape Breton this Friday at 7pm for the 2-hr Segment #1, In-Class Theory.....

by: Vic Gouthro

Just a note for now to express a sincere "Thank You" to each and every one of you who supported my ride with "Team Diabetes" from Vancover to Whistler on Saturday, Sept. 11, 2010.

It was indeed a very rewarding experience; being part of a team of 48 cyclists from all across our country who came together to raise approximately $50,000 to be used to help fund research for a cure and to provide advocacy and support for those living with diabetes.

The ride itself covered a challenging route over the "Sea To Sky Hignway". Our team was part of 4000+ cyclists who registered in the RBC Granfondo Whistler Event. Visit the ride official web site to see some great photos and video of the ride.

Once again, "thank you" for your encouragement and financial support.

Kay Batherson, North Sydney

Would like to extend thanks to Vic Gouthro on completing his bike run in Vancouver, BC. Last week. His group reached their donation goal and went over it, I understand. Great job for supporting the Canadian Diabetes Association and glad you returned safe and sound.

by: Chris Milburn,

The swim is 2.4 miles, the bike is 112 miles, and the run is a full marathon which is 26.2 miles.

The day was hot by Cape Breton standards, although normal by Hawaii standards (85 degrees - 30°C) and windy, making for a tough bike ride. The course is surprisingly hilly, and the times are much slower than other Ironman courses.

Julie had a solid race. She felt she was not as mentally pumped for it as she should have been, and as most of the other racers were, but all in all things went well. The race start is REALLY rough, as most of the field are good swimmers and very aggressive. Add an ocean swell and no wetsuits and it makes for a real challenge. The bike course was very windy, hilly, and hot. The run is reasonably hilly, with no shade at all anywhere, and with the bonus of the increased temperatures in the lava fields from the sun baking the black rocks.

Julie came in at 10:43. Last year (and most years) that would have won her age division (45 - 49) by a fair margin. This year, she was only in 6th place (originally it had said 7th but there was an error in the results) out of 66 people. The course record in this division had been 10:26, but was smashed by 25 MINUTES!! this year, and 2nd place broke it by 17 minutes. Karen Smyers time this year (former Hawaii winner and still racing pro at 49 yrs old) would only have put her 4th in this age group. So I think Julie did well at 6th place!

ed: Congratulation Julie, you did EXTREMELY WELL!


Cyclists, like all athletes, need plenty of liquids. But beyond that basic tenet, things get murky fastand for years, riders have heard conflicting reports about what, when and how much to drink. So we tapped our best resources, from the latest research to sports nutrition expert Monique Ryan,

RD, author of Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes, to separate the facts from the hype. Here's what we found.

Hype: REPLACE EVERY LOST OUNCE For years cyclists have been told to drink enough on the bike so they weigh the same after the ride as they did beforehand. The truth is, your body can't absorb fluids as fast as it loses them, and not every ounce of weight is lost through sweat anyway.

Truth: KEEP UP WITH SWEAT LOSS—MOSTLY Replace about 75 percent of lost sweat during a long ride. "To do that, you need to know your sweat rate," says Ryan, who recently coached a heavy-sweating triathlete who routinely lost 40 ounces of fluid an hour. To determine your sweat rate, weigh yourself before and after a short ride. "An hour ride is a good indicator of what you're losing through sweat alone," Ryan says.

Hype: OVERFLOW BEFOREHAND Guzzling gallons of fluids before a ride or race will do little more than send you searching for rest stops.

Truth: TOP OFF AS YOU GO Sip a 16-ounce sports drink an hour or two before you saddle up. That's enough time for your body to absorb what it needs and eliminate what it doesn't. Then take in about six to eight ounces (two to three gulps) every 15 to 20 minutes while you ride.

Hype: CAFFEINE WILL DEHYDRATE YOU Caffeine has long been demonized as a diuretic. On paper, that means it should lead to dehydration and heat stress, especially when you consider that it also raises your heart rate and increases your metabolism.

Truth: CAFFEINE IMPROVES CARB BURNING A review of ongoing research recently revealed that caffeinated drinks don't make you pee that much more than equal amounts of beverages without the buzz. The stimulant also doesn't worsen the effects of summertime heat. In fact, caffeine makes you feel better. Numerous studies have shown that it lowers your rate of perceived exertion while improving your strength, endurance and mental performance. Even better, researchers from the University of Birmingham, in England, found that riders who drank a caffeinated sports beverage burned the drink's carbs 26 percent faster than those who consumed a noncaffeinated sports drink, likely because caffeine speeds glucose absorption in the intestine.

Hype: YOU NEED MORE PROTEIN Initially, carbohydrates were the essential building blocks of the sports beverage. Then protein muscled its way onto the scene, after early studies showed that carb-protein blends seemed to shoot into the bloodstream and enhance endurance cycling performance better than carb-only beverages.

Truth: YOU NEED A LITTLE PROTEIN. . .MAYBE Recent research on 10 trained cyclists performing an 80K trial showed that riders drinking carbonly beverages did just as well as those drinking carb-protein beverages, and both groups did better than those consuming flavored water. However, the International Society of Sports Nutrition recently reported that taking in branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) during vigorous aerobic exercise can decrease muscle damage and depletion. "If you're on a long ride where you're also eating, you'll be taking in protein already," says Ryan, "so it's likely not necessary to also have it in your drink."

Hype: HYDRATION DURING EXERCISE IS THE BE-ALL AND END-ALL Big beverage companies would have you grabbing your sports drink during every ride, no matter how long or short the effort, lest you suffer the ill effects of dehydration

Truth: DRINKING EVERY DAY IS ESSENTIAL "Your first priority should be staying on top of your daily hydration," says Ryan. Research on gymgoers found that nearly half began their workouts in a dehydrated state. "Many people don't consume enough fluids during the day," Ryan says. "If you hydrate properly on a regular basis, you won't need to worry as much about getting dehydrated during a typical moderate ride." The old eightglasses- a-day dictum is a good guidepost.

"Life is Good"

by: Ruth M. Schneider,

Have you seen a group of cyclists of “significant years” travelling the rural roads of Cape Breton, wearing bright yellow shirts embossed with Venus on a bike wheel? Were they travelling slowly, chatting as they peddled, or perhaps clustered at the top of a hill or sitting by a river sharing lunches? Might you have seen a pile of bicycles near a local swimming hole? If so, you’ve probably seen the Rolling Crones – a group that ranges from 5-20 cyclists, depending on the season, the weather and the route.

The Rolling Crones began in 2001 when three women, looking for an easy ride, decided to circle Isle Madame. They allotted two days and reserved a B&B, figuring that their cycling legs needed time to warm up (having not ridden any distance of note for many years!), and wanting to have time to explore. But arriving at noon on the first day, they completed the planned route that afternoon and spent the following day on Janvrin Island chatting with residents and drinking tea.

Following this taste of adventure by bicycle, Judith Fuller, one of the three, began to organize weekly rides (always on Mondays, her day off), gathering women friends, setting a meeting time and place, and ensuring that everyone was included, no matter their level of bicycling experience. A supportive partner dubbed us “The Rolling Crones,” and the name stuck, becoming the logo imprinted on at least three sets of t-shirts. However it wasn’t long before husbands and significant others began to tag along, as “Cronies.”

Crones’ rides are leisurely and sociable. Speedy cyclists wait for slower riders to catch up. Lunches are packed and shared in picturesque locations, usually near water where hardy bikers can swim and rides are often organized around a good place to stop for tea or dinner – either at the beginning or end of the ride (Crones are “Triathletes”, they bike, swim and eat). Favourite eating places have been the Herring Choker Deli, the Dancing Goat, the Cedar House, and the Clean Wave. We laugh a lot, and we stop wherever anyone wants to stop: at nurseries, art galleries, gift shops, flea markets, friends’ homes, country stores, riversides and beaches.

The Crones like circular routes if possible, and in the past ten years some favourites have been the Middle River loop (up the West Side and back on the Yankee Line), Big Baddeck, Lake Ainslie, the “artists’ loop” around St. Ann’s Bay, Boulardarie (crossing over at the Calabash Road), the Portree Road, Iona/Washabuck, and South Mountain/Neil’s Harbour. Other favourites, though not return loops, include Margaree Harbour to Dunvegan, Stewart Road/New Campbellton and Christmas Island.

Judith Fuller who inspired and instigated the Crones almost a decade ago, was the Hospice Director in Victoria County and later the Continuing Care Coordinator, and she knew everyone. As we rode she’d wave and stop to talk with people tending their gardens, walking on the roads, or passing in cars. Although Judy was already struggling with cancer, she guided the Crones throughout the summer of 2007, including a demanding back road ride from Big Harbour to Beinn Bhreagh.

Judith Rivinus Fuller died on April 19th, 2008. Although Judy’s no longer here and new Crones and Cronies have joined the group, the traditions remain. We ride on Mondays. We stop to talk with people, we swim, eat and laugh, and Judy’s spirit rides with us on the Rolling Crones t-shirt as the smiling winged Venus, encouraging all of us to keep on peddling.

ed: Marian Weissman: snee.weissman(at) is the email contact and organizer in the summer. In the fall they are pretty ad hoc.



I'm 5' 2" and looking for a Hybrid bike to use for transportation as long as it's possible before the snow flies. I think a size 24" would do. "Boys" model preferred but a "girl" model will do.

Contact: Linda: 317-2589 or belinda404(at)

This descendant of the hobby horse put the world in the driver's seat.
by: Frank Wicks,

Since it can’t go as fast as a car or carry as much freight as a truck, a bicycle often doesn’t get the credit it deserves.

After all, it is a highly efficient vehicle. A cyclist can travel 12 miles per hour with an effort comparable to walking. The body converts the energy of food into muscle power. You can ride about 1,000 miles at 15 miles per hour using the amount of energy comparable to a gallon of gasoline.

Today an estimated billion bicycles are used throughout the world for travel, recreation, and exercise.

More at:

ed: also see: Leonardo Da Vinci pushbike:


1. Do not walk behind me, for I may not lead. Do not walk ahead of me, for I may not follow. Do not walk beside me for the path is narrow. In fact, just bugger off and leave me alone.

2. Sex is like air. It's not important unless you aren't getting any.

3. No one is listening until you fart.

4. Always remember you're unique. Just like everyone else.

5. Never test the depth of the water with both feet.

6. If you think nobody cares whether you're alive or dead, try missing a couple of mortgage payments.

7. Before you criticise someone, you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you criticise them, you're a mile away and you have their shoes.

8. If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you.

9. Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish, and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day.

10. If you lend someone £20 and never see that person again, it was probably well worth it.

11. If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.

12. Some days you are the bug; some days you are the wind screen.

13. Don't worry; it only seems kinky the first time.

14. Good judgement comes from bad experience, and most of that comes from bad judgement.

15. A closed mouth gathers no foot.

16. There are two theories to arguing with a woman. Neither one works.

17. Generally speaking, you aren't learning much if your lips are moving.

18. Experience is something you don't get until just after you need it

19. When we are born we are naked, wet and hungry, and then we get slapped on our arse ...
then things just get worse.

20. Never, under any circumstances, take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night....

Jacques Cote
Editor, Velo Cape Breton eNewsletter
October 14th, 2010

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Rudy Hollywood
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